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Picture question: The American artist Jeff Koons. 1. On the west coast of Africa, bordering Liberia and Guinea. 2. Because research has shown that they don't understand the term "Le Shuttle" and Eurotunnel has decided to scrap it. 3. Publisher Merriam-Webster decided to keep terms of racist abuse in its dictionaries despite a petition signed by 10,000 to remove them. 4. Adolf Hitler, when Der Spiegel published pictures of him as he might have looked if he escaped to the US at the end of the war. 5. Chocolate. 6. Chocolate. 7. Lord Sainsbury announced his retirement as chairman of Sainsbury's. 8. John Major and Tony Blair joined forces to campaign for a Yes vote in the Irish referendum on 22 May. 9. Blink our eyes, urine, eating, have sex. 10. The Queen went in a London taxi to show support for the ecologically sound new gas-powered fleet; the taxi had no meter. 11. The council of Saratoga, California, announced that the town's name is not a Mohawk word for "scum on the water" but means "Hillside Country of the Great River, Place of the Swift Water". 12. Because that's just how hermit crabs behave, according to new research at Queen's University, Belfast.