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What do rubber bands with words printed on them, love tags, and springs have in common? They are bracelets of sorts (well, they're worn around the wrist) and, says Melanie Rickey, fashion fans can't get enough of them.

Fashion tip number two for 1998 is definitely an odd one: strange bracelets. Molla La Molla are ultra-thin circles of stretchy industrial stainless steel which are sold in packs of 97 for pounds 50 at Liberty, Browns Focus and The Conran Shop. To say they have a "following" is not the word. Those buying the obligatory 97 are giving them away to friends, so by next month it is possible every trend-seeker in Christendom will own at least one.

There is an even more exclusive bangle club to join, which comes in the shape of pure rubber bands, (yes, the office type). New York product designer Sarah Shwartz has put "inspirational" words such as "hot", "weird", "happy" and "sensuous" on to bands in black, white or tan rubber, and The Conran Shop has just got a new batch in. They come in packs of eight for pounds 3.95, and for Valentine's Day packs of black rubber bands with Love Hearts-like sayings in pink text are sure to sell like burning rubber.

Strangest of all, however, has to be the TAG (pictured) by jeweller Francesca Amfitheatrof. Produced from white or black plastic and fastened through a silver box, it is the ultimate statement of ownership, as the TAG can't be taken off without severing. Could this be a new type of wedding/commitment jewellery? Hmmm, we'll see.

The Conran Shop, 0171-589 7401. Liberty, 0171-734 1234. Browns Focus 0171-499 7833. The TAG, pounds 15, call 0171-730 2449 for inquiries.