The annual binge of free dance events on London's South Bank ends tomorrow after the usual three weeks of fun and games. This afternoon's highlight is Stepping in Stone, a pair of outdoor events staged by various Swiss and Spanish artists. Dip Me in the Water is a site-specific extravaganza in which the performers, Gilles Jobin and the reliably bizarre Chaplinesque figure of La Ribot, don wetsuits to represent aquatic creatures who have a bit of trouble surviving in dry environments. They plunge in and out of available water sources, and when these dry up, kindly colleagues hose them down - although (presumably) thundery showers would suffice.

Dip Me in the Water forms a double bill with the highly regarded Spanish troupe Mal Pelo and British percussionist Steven Noble, who are performing Cancion De Bernabe (Bernabe's Song), a dance/mime/ theatre work featuring the lovely Maria Munoz. A sneak peak at the lyrics shows them to be slightly bonkers but vaguely intriguing: "Bernabe smells a lot like lard, and he always drags his feet; he softly circles like a fish." Of course he does.

Anyone who can still squeeze into their white three-piece suit will be getting down tonight in the Royal Festival Hall ballroom for its eagerly awaited outbreak of Saturday Night Fever from 7.30pm. Older groovers will hang on until tomorrow when the unstoppable Peggy Spencer presides over her annual day of ballroom dance events, culminating in The Ballroom Blitz from 7.30pm to 10.30pm. Do you come here often?