Young Master Petronio has been rummaging in mother's drawers again. The New York dance star and former Michael Clark associate became infamous during the 1990 Dance Umbrella for his pink, whaleboned corset - an absurd touch that even made Private Eye. This year's ensemble is a rather fetching yellow satin foundation garment worn with elbow-length green gloves. What better emblem for this year's eye-catching Dance Umbrella? All it needs is for his shin-padded legs to be smeared liberally with Haagen-Dazs ice cream (which is sponsoring the season). And don't think it couldn't happen. Petronio and Clark once staged a duet in London's Anthony d'Offay gallery; part pas de deux, part peepshow, the couple were glimpsed by the audience through the doorway of an adjoining room. They licked each other quite a lot - without the added incentive of chocolate ice-cream.

Other highlights of the Umbrella are Lucinda Childs Dance Company (making its London debut), the consistently excellent Siobhan Davies Dance Company, some new work from Mark Baldwin whose programme includes an appearance by Lynn Seymour, and a double act from Russell Maliphant and Ellen van Schuylenburch whose CVs (Laurie Booth, Michael Clark etc) read like a Who's Who of new dance. All this and Macadamia Nut Brittle too.

Dance Umbrella runs from 17 Oct-12 Nov at a variety of London venues.

Full programmes available from (081-741 4040)

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