Online dating is now the third most popular way to meet a potential partner and is a great way to cast your net a little wider than your immediate social circle; yet despite this, there still seems to be many myths surrounding it. If you haven’t tried online dating yet or you’re thinking about trying it but are put off by what you’ve heard listen up, because Independent Dating are here to dispel some of those nasty rumours.

Attractive people don’t use online dating

Let’s put this myth to rest because the truth is all sorts of people, from all walks of life use online dating for different reasons. Whether they are fed up of the usual bar scene, too busy, or simply the kind of people who use the internet for everything from doing their weekly shopping to staying in touch with their friends. Anyway, beauty is in the eye of the beholder is it not?

You’ll meet someone during your first subscription

There will always be people who tell you that online dating doesn't work and that you will just get ripped off. Those are usually the people who expect instant results and don’t hang around long enough to get their photo approved, let alone a date. Patience is a virtue; you wouldn’t stop going to a bar because you hadn’t met anyone there would you? So why give up on online dating because you haven’t met someone immediately?

It’s easy to bend the truth

Sure, it’s easy to lie online when you’ve got your computer to hide behind, but the general idea with online dating is that you eventually take things offline. So what happens when you turn up to your date looking 20 years older than the photo you had on your profile? You get caught out and look really silly that’s what happens.

Everyone online is either desperate or a psycho

Really? Do people actually still think this? Of course, dare I say it, there will be some people online who may be a little desperate or slightly weird, but let’s face it, we don’t need to go online to find them. The truth is you will find all sorts of people online dating. Nice ones, romantic ones, flirty ones, short ones, tall ones, successful ones - you get the idea.

It embarrassing to say you met your partner online

Admittedly, years ago, before Internet Dating was so popular people were embarrassed to say they met their partner online. However, nowadays I think it’s fair to say we all know someone who has either tried online dating or met the love of their lives online. And let’s face it, it’s no more embarrassing than saying you met your partner in your local pub on a Friday night, after having one to many, whilst whaling at the top of your lungs on the karaoke. Not that there’s anything wrong with that either of course.

So there you have it. Some of the most common misconceptions about online dating stamped out. Don’t just take it from us though. Why not join Independent Dating for free today and take a look for yourself.