The time: 17 November - 10 January

The place: Royal National Theatre, London

The essentials: Dazzle is a contemporary jewellery and design exhibition where hundreds of new and established artists display hand-made, one-off pieces. With prices ranging from pounds l0 to pounds 1,000, you should be able to pick up a few unique Christmas presents.

Whether you're getting married or going partying, a hand-made tiara by Malcolm Morris looks fantastic. He fashions them from base metal and 24- ct gold plate, and decorates them with real shells, Austrian crystal and faux pearls. These designs are priced at between pounds 145 and pounds 270 (0171-916 8060).

Light up the room with these unusual, long-stemmed, oil-burning lamps, price pounds 80 to pounds l50. They're made by Helen Carnac, who works with copper, silver, steel, Perspex, glass and 22-ct gold leaf (0171-242 0519).

Shona Carnegie's exquisite white and yellow metal cutlery will be a talking- point over the dining-room table. One setting costs pounds 720 (01273 674511).

Inspired by the African sky at night, Claire Robinson created this necklace, price pounds l,000, from silver beads and African glass beads (0181-871 5011).

A funky silicone mirror frame by Dorthe Tingberg, price pounds 22 to pounds 45, will brighten up any home (0181-883 7024).

Spice up your food with colourful silver-and-acrylic salt and pepper shakers by Annabet Wyndham, price pounds l12 a pair (01273 674511).

Hand-made tiaras by Malcolm Morris (above)

Below, from left: Dorthe Tingberg's mirror frames;

Claire Robinson's jewellery;

Helen Carnac's oil-burning lamps;

Shona Carnegie's metal cutlery