I'm coveting a pair of sheepskin mittens; you know, the type that were prevalent in the Seventies, brown-ish, with a curly sheepskin cuff and otherwise very simple. I've seen some in magazines but they are either too expensive or overly detailed. Can you help?

Lara Green, Lambeth

Lara, sheepskin mittens of the like you describe - not easy to find, are they? Boy did I traipse around for you. Fenwick does some nice ones but the sheepskin isn't curly, and they're pounds 89 (by Karl Donoghue). John Lewis (tel: 0171 629 7711) does some, very simple, not brown but blond, sheepskin not curly, but only pounds 15. They were the best I could find. But you know where to get these? In those lovely shops you get in places like the Lake District. There's a dearth of them in the South-east so I think it's time you planned a nice weekend away with your boyf/girlf and had a look round local shops, followed by cake and hot chocolate in your new mitts! Also, have a look in Gap (tel: 0800 427789), which has some adorable knitted mittens just in, in lovely colours (unlike the shade of some of the other things they have in store, which are way off) and they're lined in fleece, for only pounds 12! I know they're not sheepskin but I have a feeling you'll like them.

Please help. We can't find anywhere that sells cotton T-shirts for men who prefer them to have a breast pocket in which to put one's glasses. Has this kind completely disappeared from every shop?

Mr and Mrs Cook, Hampshire

Sorry to mention them twice in one column but ... Gap does a pocket T-shirt for men (and years ago I tested them against others and they came out top). It costs pounds 14 and see the number above for your nearest stockist if you don't already know. If you fancy getting more of a polo shirt thing then C&A (tel: 0171 629 1244) has some for pounds 14.

I'm looking for some trouser socks, not awful pop socks but the sort that men seem to find so easily - in smooth cotton (not ribbed). I can find an infinite amount of knee socks, over the knee socks but no ankle socks that aren't of the "fall down", ribbed or "not dressy" variety. Can you help? Polly, via e-mail

I love the way you have to explain yourself, Polly. As if I would pass judgement on you ... Have a look at Boden's website (www.boden.co.uk) as they have various special offers on at the moment (for things ordered via the web). They do something called the Women's Long Socks which are made of cotton/nylon mix and are smooth knit with a long elasticated bit at the top for pounds 6. If you're not net-friendly then order a catalogue (tel: 0181 453 1535). M&S does something called cotton rich socks; they're also a smooth knit with a loose rib top (so probably don't stay up as well as the Boden ones). They come in black or a very dark navy and cost pounds 5 for two pairs. I would say both are suitable for you so investigate for yourself and see which you prefer.