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I am trying to find a bra that is small enough to fit me! M&S 36AA used to fit, but everything they do now is too big. I need a seamless bra to go under little T-shirts and I would also love to find something sexy. Do you know of anyone who makes small-size bras?

Sarah Beer, Harrogate, North Yorks

I have printed your letter to represent a host of similar ones. I have absolutely nothing in common with you, so I got my mignon-breasted assistant, Zoe, to do some research ("Find something sexy for your bosom sister," I told her), and this is what the A-cup darling found for you. Harvey Nicks in Leeds has some nice stuff by Hanro (see the level of research??). Warners does four styles in 36AA: Simply Sensational Padded Balconette, pounds 23; Sorrenta 1824 Balconette, pounds 23; Leandra 1972 Balconette, pounds 25, and Odyssey 1962 Balconette, pounds 23. Call 01159 795796. Calvin Klein does a cotton, classic, soft-cup bra and its small should be equivalent to 36AA: style no 24E, pounds 12, House of Fraser stores nationwide. Also, in the Choice catalogue she found a simple, seam-free one, costing pounds 14.99 for two (page 288, no 4). Call 0541 515500. But you are absolutely right: it is damn hard to find As, let alone AAs. This is terrible. Write in to me all you manufacturers and girls with smaller breasts and let me know of other makes that cover this, um, small but important area. Thank you.

Why can't I find fasanabel cloths for my age, 8 year - 9 years old. Oilly is cool, but a little expensive. Laura Ashely is to babyish. I would like a long skeirt and a fited cardeycan.

Daisy and Chloe Price, Loxwood, West Susex

There are three ranges I think you should look at. First is Jigsaw, which does a splendid range for juniors from two to 12 years, very much in the spirit of its grown-up range. The main stockist for this is 126/127 New Bond Street, London W1, call 0171 491 4484. French Connection has also done some great things for you (including fitted cardigans but no long skirts, although Lily at French Connection tells me there are some "baby Prada skirts" which, my darlings, you absolutely must get to see). Prices for F/C are from pounds 20. Call 0171 580 2507 for stockists. Another good range, although perhaps too expensive for everyday wear, is agnes b's Enfant range for girls of four to 12 years. Styles are very simple and prices start from pounds 15 for a T-shirt. Its Paris stores have a much better choice, so should you or your parents go there, stock up (2 Rue du Jour, Les Halles metro). And be absolutely sure to get the mini Boden catalogue, which I can't describe to you because, just as I was about to go to press, someone swiped it from my desk. But it goes up to age 12 and, as it's mail order, you can peruse in the comfort of your bedroom. Call 0181 453 1535.

I am writing to you on behalf of a good number of our members and others who write in looking for help. Could you please find a company that makes clothes which do not contain any form of latex - elastic or rubber. Latex allergy is a growing problem and many sufferers have to forgo the wearing of socks and underwear, because the allergy makes them acutely uncomfortable, or in some circumstances could lead to a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction. "Cotton On" used to make a range of pure cotton clothes for children and I recently discovered that they also made a small range of adult clothes, including bras, but they have just gone out of business. If you, or your readers, could help there could be literally thousands of grateful allergics who can once more find a bra, boxers or socks to wear. I have included a couple of examples of letters that I get, just so that you can see that I am not barking mad.

Siobhan A Hamilton, Allergy Nurse, The British Allergy Foundation, Welling, Kent

How easy it is to forget that some people do not have the luxury of buying just anything. What an awful business this allergy must be. Never mind about "what's in or what's out", rather, "Can I wear this without swelling up like a baboon's bottom?" I appeal from the bottom of my heart - and from the bottom of all my piggies' hearts - to any manufacturer or reader who can help. All replies will be published or forwarded to Ms Hamilton.

I think your column is brilliant! On 23 Feb, Lucy from Herts asked for Sixties' and Seventies' retro shops outside London. Well, it's a bit of a way for her to go, but I thoroughly recommend The Period Clothing Warehouse in Grainger Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I bought this wonderful coat and flares. It was two years ago when I first staged my solo show (set in the Seventies). The coat was a joke then, now it's apparently to die for. The shop's skinny ribs and dainty minis should suit dinky types like Lucy. There's also Attica in Old George Yard, Newcastle, which is Twenties to Seventies. All the best.

Carol McGuigan, Byher, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Excellent stuff Carol, thank you so much.