I have a beautiful wedding dress made of 100 per cent silk; duchesse satin overlaid with ribbon lace. The style is suitable to be worn as an evening dress but I would like it to be dyed. Can you recommend a reputable firm, experienced in doing this?

K Featherstone, Barrington

No I can't and I don't like recommending anything (especially for something as important as this) that I, or someone I trust, hasn't tried out for themselves. What I can do, with pleasure, is ask any companies near you to make themselves known to me. Then if they are prepared to dye your dress for free and you are happy with it, I shall be only too delighted to give them a plug.

I love the new short A-line dresses but find that some materials really cling to me - especially when the fabric is quite fine and flowing - and it looks dreadful. I think I must generate lots of static and spend my whole time fidgeting with my clothes. Is there anything I can do?

Catherine Foley, Nottingham

Fidgeting with one's clothes is not attractive. As someone who has a great capacity for turning even big knickers into G-strings and is constantly hitching her pants out of her bottom, I know what I'm talking about. Bloody brilliant Marks & Spencer has come up tommy trumps again with their "Cling Resist" underwear. The secret ingredient is a yarn called Setila. They've done full-length slips, camisoles, and three waist slips in black, white and cream, sizes 8/10 to 20/22. Prices from pounds 5-pounds 13.

I keep reading about "tonic" jackets,

skirts and trousers. What are they, exactly?

Sandra, Kendal

They have a slight sheen to them and are slightly "two tone", in the sense that they seem to change colour as the light moves on them, but it is very subtle and jolly nice. It's big this spring and fairly funky, and of course all the high street shops will cover it.

I wondered what you thought about those shirts with white collar and cuffs and coloured or striped sleeves and body. Are they smarter than plain shirts?

Linus Harris, Kent

Yuk is what I think about those hideous shirts with different coloured collars. They always put me in mind of overpaid men with high blood pressure, whose nostrils invariably flare at the wrong moment. To my mind nothing is more stylish than a crisp white shirt. If my husband ever went out to work wearing one of those different collar-and-cuff coloured shirts he'd be coming home to a different house (baby I'm joking).

My husband wears slip-on shoes and I hate them. He wears them with everything. He does know how to tie laces but seems to prefer the comfort of slip- ons. I know it's unfair of me to want him to change them, but is there any great fashion argument for not wearing slip-ons that I could try to persuade him with?

Lindsay, Salisbury

I would say it's unfair of you to try to change him, except for the fact that I agree with you, so go right ahead. The reason I despise slip-on shoes is because I think you can't trust a man who wears them. You know - easy on, easy off. I also have a pretty basic distrust of men who wear brown shoes. Should your husband combine the two then I'd be pretty scared. What reason can you give him? As I have said before, with men the best way to get them to change anything is to say that what you like is a real turn on: ie "Darling I get really turned on at the sight of black brogues etc." This works with everything and is so much better than nagging. I told my husband years ago that I got turned on at the sight of a man wearing rubber gloves and cleaning /doing the washing up. I've barely had to do either since.

I've got a wedding to go to in a few weeks time and I don't have much money. I'd like to buy something which if at all possible I can also use for work afterwards. Something smart and light coloured and I've got about pounds 120, which I know isn't much. I thought a dress and jacket or suit. Can you recommend anything?

Melanie, Taunton

Well I think I have the perfect suit for you. It's a lilac suit from Warehouse which you can dress up for the wedding (higher shoes and maybe a hat?) and wear with flatter shoes for work. It is a twill skirt and single breasted jacket which is quite short and has two neat breast pockets (and of course you can also wear the two separately). The skirt costs pounds 29.99 and the jacket pounds 64.99 and they are both lovely. Call 0171-278 3491 for your nearest branch.

I own a lovely old silver filigree belt buckle which I enjoy wearing both in the daytime and evening. Unfortunately, the black suede leather belt to which it is attached is in need of replacing. Can you please advise me on where to have this done?

Judith Beadle, Surrey

Well I spoke to a lovely lady at Frogpool Manor Saddlery on 0181-300 0716. They normally work in bulk for the equestrian world but they could make you a belt in bridle-back leather from pounds 15 and with suede stitched on to it from pounds 20 (it depends, obviously, on length and width). It would take two to three weeks and colours are fairly limited (black and two types of brown).

Is it ever permissabe to wear a black bra under a white shirt or t- shirt?

April Finnes, Norfolk

Only at a fancy dress party. It looks tacky and will make you look like the sort of girl who doesn't wash and turns her knickers inside out after an overnight stay at her boyfriend's.