My autumn wardrobe is depressing me. Why is it that men are forced to choose from browns, greens, blacks and - worst of all - those grubby yellows? What I really want is a new range of clothes that are bright without being psychedelic, hard-wearing without being wool, moleskin or heavy cotton. Are men's clothes designers colour-blind? Do they all think that just because the leaves are falling, we want to dress in the hues of autumn? Get real, we want to be lucid, not earthy.

Angus, London

You funny thing. I guess men are made to choose between those colours because most men don't want anything scary and colourful like you do. However, if you don't want wool, moleskin or heavy cotton, there is precious little left this winter . How about a midnight blue shell-suit? Joking. I need more info: your age, size, likes and dislikes and a price range. But why the sudden change? Be careful you don't end up like those blokes that hit a mid-life crisis and think that injecting colour into their wardrobe will make them brighter people. This does not work. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I have always had very bad posture, and as I am getting older the problem is getting worse (to the extent that if I don't find a solution soon, I will be staring at my navel). A friend once told me about "posture bras". Have you heard of such a thing? Can you suggest any other solution?

Liela Hekmatyar, York

A posture back bra does up at the front and has a full back, usually with criss-cross panels. It helps correct posture by supporting the upper back and encouraging you to keep your shoulders straight. Exquisite Form do two styles in their Ful-ly range. The first is style no: 531, it comes in white costs pounds 15.99 and is available in sizes 34-44B/34- 46C/34-46D and 36-46DD. The second is style 565 and all details are the same except it costs pounds 13.99. There is a freephone consumer advice line: 0800 592553. Exquisite Form are available through all the mail order catalogues and Bust Stop on 0181 943 9733. There are also several stockists in York, the advice line will put you in touch. It is also worth working on your latissimus dorsi (the muscles under the shoulders) as this helps take the strain of a larger bust (if that is your problem) and aids posture.

I hate my legs, but can just about cope if my knees are covered. Are pencil skirts that fall just below the knee still in?

Eleanor Magnay, Manchester

Yes pencil skirts that fall just below the knee, on the knee or just above the knee, depending on what suits you are still in. One that you might like to try is the Vivienne Westwood Mangano skirt. This is a tailored pencil skirt that sort of flares out as it gets to the knee as it has about an inch of peplum. It is very chi-chi and comes in black leather (pounds 450); black satin (pounds 320); wool check (pounds 195); velvet (pounds 175) and can also be ordered in other fabrics (subject to a 20 per cent surcharge). It comes in sizes 8-14 . The good news is that VW has just opened a shop in Manchester at 2a St Marys Street, M3

I loved the Eighties with their micro minis. But now find that I don't know what to wear with a Nineties mini, the slightly flared ones. I am now in my early thirties, 5ft 8in and a size 10. What tops, what shoes should I wear, and how long should they be? And can I still wear them?

Lily Samuels, London

I think you just need a bit of a pep talk. What you wear with the minis of today is what you wore with the micro minis of yesteryear. But to help you: wear flat loafers (with opaque tights) or knee-boots (tres fashionable) with semi-sheers or skin-tone sheers. You can wear polo necks, crew neck cardigans or bodies with them and they should be as long or short as you like. Of course you can still wear them; judging by your height and size I'd say you could wear whatever you damned well please.