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I am getting married in October and want to wear a pair of trousers with no front pleats. They have been impossible to find. Can you help?

Anthony Bull, Bloomsbury, London

5 A relatively new designer label called Squire has quickly become famous for slim-fitting, flat-fronted trousers for men (and women if your fiancee fancies wearing matching trousers) in moleskin, cord or wool. Call 0171 494 1880 for details.

Should I wear V-neck and round-neck jumpers with different outfits (for example with a tie), and if so how? Or is one type intrinsically more stylish than the other?

Paul Miller, Nottingham

5 There really doesn't seem any point in wearing a round neck with a shirt and tie. More stylish by far to wear one with a grandad collar shirt (and no tie). Neither is particularly stylish - jumpers tend to be casual and don't mix well with shirt and tie but, at a pinch, a V-neck is better. A more stylish option is to wear a plain knitted waistcoat with your shirt and tie. Marks & Spencer do a great range starting at pounds 21.00.

I do like those transparent bags that are all the rage at the moment, but is it all right to keep my tampons and / or condoms in them?

J Booth (Ms), Fulham, London

5 Tampons and condoms are part of life so naturally it is OK to have them on show, if you so wish. But see-through bags do attract a great deal of attention. So if you prefer not to let all and sundry know that you use "Exciter" condoms, or "Heavy Day" tampons, and your normal make- up bag just won't do, you may wish to try Muji's stainless-steel business- card holder (pounds 6.75, tel: 0171 494 1197 for stockists) which doubles up as a stylish condoms carrier. Leather "dice" purses are also perfect for holding two tampons - try any department store (they cost about pounds 6).

I bought ever such a sweet dress the other day from Top Shop. It has a high neck and cut-away arms. But I just cannot find a bra with straps that don't show and I don't want to go without.

Barbara Evans, Abergavenny

5 How wise of you not to leave your bosoms to gravity. You could wear a sports bra - the ones with racing backs would be perfect as the front straps are also set in more than on conventional bras. But if you want to wear something prettier, or if you don't want to disrobe to reveal a rather unsexy sporting model then wear your favourite, sexiest, blackest bra or body and tie a thin piece of elastic or ribbon to pull together (but not join) the two front straps. You'll have to experiment to see exactly what length of elastic/ribbon is best for you. This is good for two reasons: firstly, if a bit of bra does show, it's better that it's of the coronary-inducing variety. And secondly, tying elastic/ribbon in this way pushes your quarter-pounders together to give you a cor-blimey silhouette. Elastic works best as it provides "give" as you move (discreetly retire to the bathroom and cut it off before you undress), but if you plan to disrobe - or be disrobed - fast then ribbon is recommended.

Are there any tights on the market in flesh tones which look natural and don't let leg hair show through?

Kate Davis, Liverpool

5 The only tights that don't show leg hair are opaque tights. Sheers will always show lack of depilation. Most brands now do "barely there" hosiery. Sock Shop's is called "Cosmetics for Legs" (pounds 2.50 in 8 "flesh" tones); Elbeo's "Shimmering Sheers" (pounds 3.85 in 9 colours). Wolford do a fabulous, totally seamless range called "Fatal" in 8 shades. They are pricey at pounds 21.99 a pair but remain de rigueur for peep-toe sandals.

I like to wear slip-on shoes with my formal suits but my girlfriend says they make me look like a pimp. Who's right?

Tony Roston, Bedford

5 It depends - if the suit is funky, then slip-on shoes (with stacked heel) may look good, but you'll still look like a pimp. If the suit is more conformist then only polished brogues or Oxford lace-ups will do.

If I buy a Moschino bikini costing pounds 100, is it all right to wear the knickers inside out so that the label shows?

A MacDonald (Mrs), Dorset

5 Oh dear no. People will think you have gone quite mad if you wonder round the beach with your gusset on show. Surely the stupendous cut of a Moschino bikini will indicate it is a designer number and not something you picked up off the floor of the Dorothy Perkins' changing rooms. If you must show the world your water wardrobe is designer then I suggest you purchase a Chanel bikini, which for pounds 380 will emblazon your bottom with a diamante double-C logo (inquiries: 0171 493 3836).