I am environmentally aware and always try to buy clothes from companies that are "green". I do a lot of sports and remember reading of a company that does recycled polyester sports clothes. Do you know who I mean?

T.Fox, Manchester

5 There are two companies I know of that do this: Patagonia and Karrimor. They both make fleecey tops and bottoms from recycled plastic bottles (see today's Sunday Review for more information on this process). When I first heard of this I imagined some sort of futuristic looking garment weaved out of plastic bottles. But they are nothing like this, and there is no way you could tell. They just look like nice, soft, fleecey clothes and are comfortable to wear and stylish to look at (and they make great conversation pieces - "guess what this is made of?"). For stockist information and a catalogue for Patagonia you need to call the Paris office (although there are many stockists in Britain) on 0033141101818 (prices pounds 59.95 - pounds 185.95); Karrimor 01254 385911 (prices pounds 37.50 - pounds 79.95).

Are fishnets tarty?

Helen Jagger, Kensington

5 Well hey, like so many things it depends on how you wear them. Black fishnets with unintentional holes in them, with red tights underneath and high heeled red shoes will look suspect, so don't be surprised if you inspire slow moving traffic. But yes, fishnets do have a tarty image, which is a shame because they can be fun, they last well, and because they have this hooker association, men can't help staring at your legs (which is nice if that sort of thing is important to you). Anyway, looking tarty can be a laugh. But let's suppose that's not what you want. Okay, nearly every hosiery company does fishnets of one sort or another, but for a real class pair go to Fogal on New Bond Street (0171 493 0900). They do beautiful fishnets from a fine mesh to a thicker one. There was an ultra stylish woman in their shop when I went there. She wore a Chanel suit, carried a Salvatore Ferragamo bag and wore cream fishnets. They looked divine. She was on her bi-annual trip to stock up and she looked so good in hers that I felt inspired. Prices from pounds 25 - pounds 30 (Fogal aren't cheap but by golly their hosiery lasts a long time), sizes SML, and a variety of colours to chose from.

I am planning a holiday later this year and want to be able to swim. But I have an added problem when choosing a swimsuit as I had a mastectomy last year. I've heard there are companies which specialise in this area but feel apprehensive and don't know where to start looking.

H. Everidge, Kingston

5 Please don't be apprehensive. Going on holiday and swimming are positive steps after a mastectomy and your attitude is to be applauded. Selfridges of Oxford Street (0171 629 1234) and Rigby & Peller of Knightsbridge (0171 589 9293) are the places to visit. Selfridges stocks Anita swimwear, a label specialising in mastectomy swimwear. Prices start at pounds 49 and go up to pounds 90, sizes are from 32B to 42C. Mastectomy swimsuits have to be cleverly thought out - they can't be too low cut and have to be high cut under the arm. Anita's designs have lined pockets in the cups with Velcro fastening so the prosthesis can be held securely in place. There are 18 to 20 styles available and Selfridges holds the Anita catalogue so a style not currently in stock can be ordered. Swimwear staff are specially trained, which should help to allay your apprehension. In October, Selfridges will also be stocking Fantasie mastectomy swimwear. Fantasie is famous for its well-fitting cup-sized swimwear, so this specialist range is worth a look. Also highly recommended is Rigby & Peller, whose owner, June Kenton, is an expert in mastectomy swimwear (and underwear). She believes women who have had mastectomies should have the same choice as before their operations. Prices start at pounds 50 and all sizes are stocked. (R&P also has swimsuits for women who have had lumpectomies.) VAT is redeemable on mastectomy swimwear, and the shops will help you to claim it back.

I have moved into a new flat with no cupboard space and I hate wardrobes. At the moment I have my clothes on moveable rails like the ones in shops. It's a bit of an eyesore. I know this isn't a fashion problem as such, but I wondered what I could do to hide the clothes. I thought some designer such as Ralph Lauren might have nice blankets or throws that I could drape over them.

Ursula Ward, Sidcup

5 Yes, Ralph Lauren does some fine lifestyle things. But I think this might get on your nerves. You know, having to take the throw off everytime you want to get to your Valentino dress, put it back on, take it off to look for the Versace jacket that matches. I have a better idea. Remember screens? Those old fashioned things every lady had in her boudoir. Minx Design (0181 969 9242) specialises in bespoke hand-crafted folding screens. They are gorgeous but unfortunately they do not come cheap. Prices start at pounds 970 up to about pounds 3,600 and they make the screens in the materials of your choice. It takes up to three weeks - and of course you can undress behind them.