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I wear leggings nearly all the time, but find that after only a short while they break around the inside leg seam. I'm only a size 12 so surely it can't be because I'm putting them under great strain?

Paula Mitchell, Merseyside

5 No, of course not. Most leggings break because they're crap, have no seam allowance to speak of and no gusset. I have spent years in search of the perfect pair of leggings and believe I have found them. Marks & Spencer aerobic leggings (style no: 3954 from selected branches). They have a diamond-shaped gusset (essential for movement so that the strain isn't taken by the seams, this has nothing to do with how big you are but unless you intend standing still all day you will open and close your legs, even if just to walk) and are very well made with Supplex and Lycra for stretch and comfort. They also wash well, and don't fade. They are very tight, so you may consider buying a size bigger than average which is no problem as these come in sizes 8-18.

I am in dispute with my friend as to what the best watch to have is, she says Rolex and I say Cartier. Who is right?

Simone Frasier, London

5 Best? What do you mean by best? They are both brilliant watches and won't give you a moment's trouble other than possible inspiring muscley men to cut your wrists off at traffic lights. If you and your friend have nothing better to argue about then perhaps a spell in a soup kitchen might give you both something better to think about. Of course if you want to know what's really super-in then the answer is: a black plastic Casio watch from Argos for pounds 20. Water resistant to 200m, which, divided by 200 should just about be level with you and your friend's IQ (combined).

I have a date with a fashion photographer and don't know what to wear as he will be so used to being surrounded by beautifully dressed models all day. I am a size 12, and I am desperate - any advice?

Helen Costner, Brighton

5 On a non-sartorial point: if he wanted to go out with the models he photographs I guess he would have asked them out. Also, you know how guys say they are things they're not. He most probably works in Boots and processes film and the closest he's got to fashion photography is walking past the magazine stands. So let's suppose this young fillet is a fashion photographer. What can you wear that will impress him? Just about what you would wear were he a pig farmer. Men like short skirts, stockings and suspenders. Wearing a combination of these, or sporting all three, is practically guaranteed to get you a second date, certainly far more than wearing the latest clothes. If you want to look really trendy, wear a Sixties-inspired tailored suit or an a-line dress with knee-length boots. But being trendy just for the sake of wanting to compete with his job is stupid. Wear what makes you feel good and sexy. Looking sexy wins every time over looking trendy and anyone who tells you different is lying.

It is my husband's fortieth birthday soon and he is really boring. All he likes are socks, socks, socks. This would seem easy, but I just can't buy him any old pair, it doesn't seem like a present. Are there any super special ones on the market I could buy for him?

Tina Edmonds (Mrs), Ipswich

5 There are, but they cost. Pantherella do cashmere socks. They are extremely soft and luxurious and have 10 per cent nylon in them for added strength (cashmere on its own is lovely but doesn't stand up to wear and tear very well). They cost from pounds 39-pounds 69 in various colours and patterns and two lengths from department stores nationwide, call 0116 2831111 for a stockist near you. Apparently some men swear by them, and once they've a pair of Pantherella's on their feet won't go back to anything else. This could be an expensive business. Be warned.