A selection of letters sent to OJ Simpson in prison, from `I Want to Tell You' by OJ Simpson, published by L:ittle, Brown and Company My name is Marcus and I'm 8 yrs old. I know you didn't kill your wife, because you loved her very much. Will think of you in our prayers. I wished your son lived in San Francisco so I could make him laugh and not worry to much.

(Marcus Paris, San Francisco, California)

You scumbag and coward. You should have shot yourself in the Bronco -Coward! Beating up on women and killing two unarmed people in your selfish rage. You will undoubtedly ``get off'' but that's okay - save room for the wrath of God. And one day your children will know who took their mother away. I am just an average middle-aged (white) housewife with a wonderful (black) husband of 12 years. (Anonymous)

I know the jury will find you innocent. The truth is that you are a wonderful gorgeous man who has done nothing wrong at all. (Colette Peschel, Woodbridge, Connecticut)

You are the most handsomest black man I have ever seen. Love ya always and forever. (Gay Ezette Priester, Houston, Texas)

Aah lookey here Sambo, it Done looks as if you is done jumping into bed with any more white women... Goodbye Juice, another coon in the can. (Karl K King, Jacksonville, Florida)

You are looking as though you are sleeping better. Make sure you eat really good. I know when I'm down if I eat nutritious foods it helps. What kinds of food are they serving you? Do you have any choices? It seems your press coverage is messing up the soaps. I think that's great, I hate the soaps. I'm so curious as to what your day consists of. (Kim Weisenberger, Mooresville, North Carolina)

The incredible effrontery of your ``100 per cent not guilty'' lie boggles the imagination. A chronic wife-beater, coming from a violent ``sport'', earning obscene money, is a pathetic excuse for a man. There's enough circumstantial evidence to convict a dozen people. (Helen Stanton, LA)

I'm glad you didn't commit suicide because...you're the best. (James Sander, 13, Ringwood, New Jersey)