Dear Santa ...: Christmas present ideas

Just what should you buy a difficult teenager, the man who has everything, a label queen, the techno fan, your granddad? Martin Skegg and Michael Oliveira-Salac have the answers

They may not be able to write a letter to Santa, or even say what they want for Christmas, but babies have a way of expressing their delight (or disgust) for what they get to wear, play with or get washed with. Below, clockwise from top left: sheepskin jacket, pounds 118, from Baby Gap, sheepskin booties, pounds 6.99, by Brats; Sunray hat, pounds 10, Incy Wincy Spider waistcoat, pounds 25, from Sasti, long-sleeved top, pounds 12, from Little Badger; pashmina cushion, pounds 65, from Nina Campbell; cow outfit, pounds 27, from Sasti; First Friends Secret Island, pounds 29, by Tomy; Teddy-bear light, pounds 15, from Click Deco; Lots-a-Leggggs Lingo centipede, pounds 15, from WWL; Bloom baby pack, pounds 14.95, from Harrods, Baby Shower, pounds 11, by Origins. For stockist information, see page 63 Granddad Ivan Grant, 72, retired, Bristol

There's no excuse for socks - grandparents don't lose their good taste with the years. Clockwise from right: malt whisky hamper with 12- year malt, hip flask and Malt Whisky Companion, pounds 75, from Green's Picnics and Hampers; shoes, pounds 60, by Frank Wright Calder; leather bucket bag, pounds 125, from OKA Direct; CR987 clock radio, pounds 25, by Roberts; blue Argyll cardigan, pounds 89.50, from Scotch House; grey cardigan, pounds 28, from BHS; Eau de Portugal, pounds 17.50, Limes shaving soap, pounds 24, from GEO F Trumper, razor, pounds 25.95, from Taylor of Old Bond Street, washbag, pounds 200, from Czech & Speake; reflective jacket, pounds 160, by Musto; suede scarf, pounds 157.50, cashmere-lined gloves, pounds 135, from Scotch House. For stockist information, see page 63 Girl power Lauren Sciberos, 8, London

It's a fine line between getting it right and getting it horribly wrong with children of this age - it's all about credibility in the playground. This selection should meet with the approval of streetwise pre-teens. Clockwise from right: Pokemon electronic toys, pounds 8, by Pokemon; metal detector, pounds 12, from Early Learning Centre; Funky Friends rucksack, pounds 10, from Tesco; AZ113 portable CD/radio/cassette recorder, pounds 89, by Philips; bug and listening device, pounds 17.99, by Girl Tech, from eToys; lunch box and flask set, pounds 9.99, from the Rainforest Cafe; Scooby Doo sensor room guard by Scooby Doo, pounds 30; Britney Spears dolls, pounds 15 each, from Woolworths. For stockist information, see page 63 Techno fan Simon Lamb, 24, student, London

Buying toys for (grown-up) boys? Don't ever get the wrong model or, even worse, last year's gizmo. Clockwise from far left: Clik! drive, pounds 179, discs, pounds 8, by Iomega; Eye Trek image projector (enhances television viewing, blowing up images to the equivalent of a 62in screen), pounds 599, by Olympus; IntelliMouse Explorer, pounds 40, by Microsoft; LM1 Leisure Monitor speakers, pounds 200, from B&W; MP3 Player, pounds 149, by Samsung; MX-1500 digital camera, pounds 300, by Fujifilm; Stussy Navy Seals watch, pounds 225, from Stussy Store; FMJ Series hi-fi, A22 amplifier, pounds 1,000, P25 power amplifier, pounds 750, CD23 CD player, pounds 1,100, all by Arcam. For stockist information, see page 63 Outdoors type Rachel Berry, 31, accountant, Bristol

For those hale and hearty types, nothing beats the incentive to spend even more time out of doors. Clockwise from right: ski holder, pounds 290, by Gucci; skis, Fischer DRS Super Control, pounds 199, K2 Merlin IV, pounds 349, from Ellis Brigham; keyring, pounds 12, compass, pounds 27, from the Stussy Store, R250 Pro mobile phone (price on application), by Ericsson; Nitro rucksack, pounds 49.95, by Berghaus, `AA Book of Britain's Walks', pounds 30 from Borders; Pain Therapy Intrasound unit, pounds 85, from Boots; Wave multi-purpose tool, pounds 89.99, by Leatherman, from Ellis Brigham; Daddy-O II hiking shoes, pounds 69, by Rockport; PRT-1GP watch, pounds 350, by Casio; golf balls, from pounds 37.99 a dozen, by Taylor Made & Titleist, from Nevada Bob's. For stockist information, see page 63 .Teenager Andrew Davies, 17, Abergavenny

They don't talk, they don't listen - so how do you know what a teenager wants? Just get the latest of everything. Clockwise from far left: Pocket Color hand-held game player, pounds 60, (games, pounds 25), by NeoGeo; Hudson Decks Mini Skate Park, pounds 17, from JD Sports or mail order from Storm; Cellerator football boots, pounds 100, by Puma; RAD Robot, pounds 100, from Innovations, Virgin one-month cinema pass, pounds 15 (regional), pounds 30 (London), from Virgin box offices, Our Price vouchers, from pounds 5, from Our Price; Torq bag, pounds 64.95, by Futori; Evolution Control System (wrist-joystick), pounds 30, by LMP; IS Hi-Fi, pounds 350, by Pioneer; Microsoft Encarta 2000, pounds 99, Creatures 3, pounds 40, Music 2000, pounds 34, Fifa 2000, pounds 35, all from Electronic Boutique. For stockist information, see page 63 Art lover Jane Hamlyn, 41, gallery owner, London

Does she think Chris Ofili is the future of art, or that everything since John Singer Sargent is incomprehensible? Whatever the art lover's preference, she or he will be inspired by these ... Clockwise from right: giant peg clip, pounds 29.95, by Ocean; `Art at the Turn of the Millennium', pounds 19.99, from American Retro; dung writing paper, pounds 7.50, plus p&p, by Katani; `31/2 Minutes' screen, pounds 2,432, by Jam, from Same; needlepoint set, pounds 18, by Proper; wool hat, pounds 40, and scarf, pounds 60, by Jo Gordon, from Browns Focus; body bag, from pounds 110, by Mandarina Duck, from Oggetti, leather hat, pounds 105, by Louis Vuitton, European Cliches 2000 Diary, pounds 10, from the ICA; Block glass light, pounds 85, by Ocean. For stockist information, see page 63 City whizzkid Julian Nichol, 28, lawyer, London

Well, no man has absolutely everything. Clockwise from far left: Revo organiser, pounds 299, by Psion; 909S phone, pounds 100 (with contract), by Bosch, voice recorder, pounds 100, by Samsung; cigar box, pounds 175, cigar cutter, pounds 100, cigar tube, pounds 80, all by Dunhill, Link MagnumChrono watch, pounds 1,150, by Tag Heuer; silver-handle skipping rope, pounds 2,250, silver dumb bells, from pounds 3,600, from Asprey & Garrard; soda siphon, pounds 45, by ISI, from Harvey Nichols; backgammon set, pounds 1,150, by Asprey & Garrard; Sound Space 3 mini hi-fi system (CD player/tuner with speakers, sub-woofer and alarm clock), pounds 500, by Nakamichi; cabin case, pounds 1,450, with saddle bag, pounds 550, by Dunhill, dressing gown, pounds 210, by Hermes, shoe horn, pounds 110 by Tiffany & Co. For stockist information, see page 63 Label queen Natalie Lewis, 30, PR manager, London

What's in a name? Everything, if you care about your labels. Make sure you get it right for the designer devotee. Clockwise from far left: clogs, pounds 169, by Marni, from Harrods; Martini glasses, pounds 50 a pair, by Jasper Conran at Stuart Crystal, Kipling Table, pounds 550, from Diplomat; bags, pounds 185 (small), pounds 225 (large), by Jade Jagger, from Browns Focus; special edition millennium trainers, pounds 119, by Emporio Armani; cabachon rings, pounds 125 each, by Lalique; Damier Nolita weekend bag, pounds 540, by Louis Vuitton, silver keyring, pounds 45, by Tiffany & Co, wallet, pounds 780, silk scarf, pounds 160, by Hermes; Help Me vitamin A treatment, 48, Falling in Love herbal essence, pounds 35, by Philosophy, from Harrods; bag, pounds 310 by Gucci. For stockists information, see page 63 Traditionalist Nicholas Evans, 44, estate agent, Somerset

Old-fashioned classics. Clockwise from far left: shaving stand, pounds 62.50, toothbrush, pounds 41, razor, pounds 53, brush, pounds 58, by GEO F Trumper, mirror, pounds 24, by Taylor of Bond Street; Trinovid binoculars, pounds 278, by Leica; cufflinks, pounds 24.95, by Simon Carter, watch, pounds 1,100, by Mont Blanc; silk scarf, pounds 35, by Simon Carter; slippers, pounds 42.50, by Scotch House; clock, pounds 17, by Westclox; brush, pounds 59, atomiser, pounds 50, by Taylor of Bond Street; Narciss Hombres de Flores Perfum, pounds 38, from Liberty; envelope, pounds 8 (for 25), A5 paper, pounds 8 (50 sheets), ink blotter, pounds 97, from Smythson, fountain pen, pounds 575, by Dunhill; wallet, pounds 79, by Mulberry, briefcase, pounds 525, by Burberry, onyx keyring, pounds 115, by Mont Blanc. For stockist information, see page 63 Foodie Janet Bomback, 52, Dartmoor

All in the best possible taste. Clockwise from far left: Classic English Cheese Box, pounds 29.95 (plus p&p), from The Fine Cheese Co, Tawny Port, by W&J Graham & Co, from Harvey Nichols, Millennium Gentlemen's Relish, pounds 12.95 (plus p&p), from Fortnum & Mason; salmon (frozen), pounds 12.90, fish kettle, pounds 47.90 (both plus p&p), from The Fish Society; toasted-sandwich maker, pounds 15, by Breville; opener, pounds 150, from Debenhams; Pesche al Dolcetto, pounds 5.50, Vin Santo dessert wine, pounds 22, Cantucci al Miele, pounds 4.50, from Carluccio's; blender, pounds 99, by Kitchen Aid; Essence Citrus Press, pounds 40, by Philips. `Lake House Organic Farm', pounds 25, from Books for Cooks, `The Cafe Paradiso Cookbook', pounds 18, from Divertimenti. For stockist information, see page 63 DIY fanatic Oliver Tyler, 38, architect, London

These gifts are ideal for the man about the house who likes to keep himself busy. But they should come with the proviso that he can't disappear into the shed with them until all the Christmas Day washing-up has been completed. Clockwise from far left: KA 150k Mouse (for sanding and polishing), pounds 50, by Black & Decker; Rolling Workshop toolbox, pounds 60, by Stanley; multitool, pounds 70, by Dremel; universal router bit set, pounds 55.99, from Index; router (for cutting, jointing and grooving), pounds 80, by Bosch; universal drill bit set, pounds 15, by Bosch; Quattro Multi-Tool, pounds 90, by Black & Decker; screwdriver set, pounds 33.90, by Stanley from Buck & Ryan. For stockist information, see page 63. American Retro enquiries/mail order 0171-734 3477 or visit

Arcam stockists 01223 203203 or e-mail

Asprey & Garrard enquiries 0171-493 6767

Baby Gap nearest store 0800 427789

Berghaus stockists 0191 4150200

BHS nearest store 0171-262 3288

Black & Decker stockists 01753 511234

Books for Cooks enquiries/mail order 0171-221 1992

Boots nearest store 0845 0708090

Borders enquiries/mail order 0171-379 7313

Bosch stockists 0345 585220

Brats stockists 0171-351 7674

Breville stockists 0800 525089 or visit

Browns Focus enquiries 0171-514 0063

Buck & Ryan enquiries/mail order 0171-636 7475

Burberry stockists 00800 28723779

B&W stockists 01903 750750 or visit

Carluccio's mail order 0171-240 5710 or e-mail

Casio stockists 0800 8014444

Click Deco mail order 01992 788205 or visit

Czech & Speake mail order 0800 919728

Debenhams mail order 08456 099099 or visit

Diplomat mail order 0171-642 5993 or visit

Divertimenti mail order 0171-935 0689

Dremel stockists 0645 395395

Dunhill stockists 0171-290 8720

Early Learning Centre nearest store 0990 352352

Electronic Boutique nearest store 0800 317778

Ellis Brigham nearest store/mail order 0161 8345555

Emporio Armani enquiries/mail order 0171-823 8818

Ericsson mail order 0990 237237

eToys mail order, visit

The Fine Cheese Co mail order 01225 448748 or visit

The Fish Society mail order 0800 7839580 or visit

Fortnum & Mason mail order 0845 3001707

Frank Wright Calder stockists 01604 593610

Fujifilm stockists 0171-465 5864

Futori stockists/mail order 0171-733 4269

GEO F Trumper mail order 0171-263 1721 or e-mail

Green's Picnics and Hampers mail order 0171-930 3146

Gucci enquiries/stockists 0171-235 6707

Harrods enquiries/mail order 0171-730 1234

Harvey Nichols enquiries 0171-201 8557 (London) or 0113 2048000 (Leeds)

Hermes enquiries/stockists 0171-823 1014

ICA enquiries/mail order 0171-925 2434 or 0171-930 0493

Index mail order 0345 444444

Innovations mail order 0870 9087070

Iomega stockists 0800 973194

Jasper Conran at Stuart Crystal stockists 0500 101045

J-D Sports nearest store 01706 626400

Katani mail order 01865 559552 or e-mail

Kitchen Aid stockists 0345 023447

Lalique enquiries/stockists 0171-499 8228

Leica stockists 01908 666663 or visit

Liberty enquiries/stockists 0171-734 1234

Little Badger mail order 0171-498 4707

LMP stockists 0800 0183061

Louis Vuitton stockists 0800 393304

Microsoft stockists 0345 002000

Mont Blanc stockists 0181-232 3000

Mulberry enquiries/mail order 0171-491 3900

Musto stockists 01268 495830

Nakamichi stockists 0181-863 9117 (BBG distribution)

NeoGeo stockists 0181-371 9911

Nevada Bob's nearest store 0171-628 4999

Nina Campbell enquiries/mail order 0171-225 1011

Ocean mail order 0171-670 9083

Oggetti enquiries/mail order 0171-584 9808

OKA Direct mail order 01392 428384

Olympus stockists 0800 0720070

Origins stockists 0800 7314039

Our Price nearest store 0181-280 0800

Philips (electrical) stockists 0181-665 6350

Philips (kitchen) stockists 0845 6010354

Pioneer stockists 01753 789500 or visit

Pokemon stockists 00800 22427276

Proper mail order 0171-729 6070

Psion stockists 0990 143050

Puma stockists 01924 425500

Rainforest Cafe enquiries/mail order 0171-434 3111 (London) or 0161 7471122 (Manchester)

Roberts stockists 01709 571722

Rockport stockists 01524 580480

Same enquiries/mail order 0171-247 9992

Samsung stockists 0800 521652 or visit

Sasti enquiries/mail order 0181-960 1125

Scooby Doo stockists 0161 6339808 (WWL distr)

Scotch House stockists 0171-581 2151

Simon Carter enquiries/mail order 0171-287 4363

Smythson mail order 08705 211311

Stanley stockists 08701 650650

Storm mail order 01494 670444

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WWL stockists 0161 6339808 n

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