You have scoffed at all those stories of flying saucers. Yet the Director of Investigations at the UFO Research Association has a film which he believes will open your eyes and change your mind
For years now you have heaped scorn and ridicule on our belief that there are such things as Unidentified Flying Objects. The time is fast approaching for me to say, "I told you so", and for you to eat your words.

A film has arrived from North America which is the Holy Shroud of the UFO movement. It is the closest we have yet come to proving not only that UFOs are plying our skies but also that aliens have landed on earth.

The film was taken in the summer of 1947 in a place called Roswell, New Mexico. It was taken by a military film cameraman who was flown to the desert from Washington DC to film the crash of a UFO. There are 14 canisters of 16mm film of the incident. I have only seen a fragment.

That shows a scene which at the very least is enigmatic and intriguing. It is grainy black and white. There is no sound. It shows a scene in the desert. Two men in white coats are working, taking samples and inspecting something on a bench. That thing is the inhabitant of a crashed spacecraft.

The alien is humanoid, of slight build and average height. It has no hair, eyes, nose or ears but it does have large, dark eyes. The men in white coats are taking samples and inspecting the humanoid. Behind them stands a man in a dark suit, who looks as though he is a military officer.

The implications of this film are far-reaching. First, it is the best proof we have yet obtained that an alien spacecraft did crash that summer in 1947. The Roswell case is legendary. We have more than 300 witnesses to the incident. Now we have this detailed film and the cameraman, who went on to a distinguished career in the private sector, is prepared to go on the record in public to explain what he saw.

Second, the film also implies there has been a massive and prolonged government cover-up of this, and possibly other incidents. The US military has known for decades that UFOs have landed on earth but poured cold water on all our theories.

Evidence that we are being constantly visited by UFOs has been mounting with eye-witness accounts, still photographs and scraps of video. This film from Roswell is the icing on the cake. It is no coincidence that the X Files has become a cult television series.

If you want to see the film, come along to the 8th International UFO Congress in Sheffield on 19 and 20 August. There will be a panel of academics and specialists from Africa, America, Spain and Denmark to outline new evidence and theories of UFO sightings. You might just be persuaded that we are not alone in the universe and that UFO researchers such as myself have not been wasting our time for the past 50 years.