Debate: Do you plan to ignore the millennium?

Will you be wedging the doors shut and putting on your slippers? Or looking for the night of your life out with the crowds?
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As a DJ you can't ignore the millennium. Any DJ not playing on New Year's Eve would have the world's itchiest feet. I'll be playing four gigs in Cardiff, Birmingham and two in Liverpool and I'm in a bit of a panic about what to play at midnight. It's a very early hour in clubbing terms. There are some tracks that mean a lot to me, but I've been clubbing for 14 years so I'll have to find something that means something to everyone. Being the millennium, there's more of a responsibility. It's a great excuse for a fantastic party. The only downside is that I won't be with all my other DJ friends, but we're having a party before then. I've got a car full of people coming on the road with me and we're going to have a great time. I wouldn't have it any other way.



Taxi driver

I've been invited to a couple of things, but I've said no. My plans for the millennium will be something really low key. I think a lot of people will be expecting something big and are going to be disappointed. I didn't consider going away because I'm wary about flying with the millennium bug. That's also why I won't be working: if the traffic lights do go out, it will be mayhem out there. I'd also worry about people throwing up in the cab and drunk drivers. I normally like New Year, but I feel more spiritual about this one. It's not just about getting off your face, it's important who you will be with. I will probably have a small dinner party with close friends. The millennium has been killed by the hype - once it happens we'll wonder what all the fuss was about.



My original plan was to go to Sydney. I think it would be incredible to celebrate the New Year against the backdrop of the Harbour Bridge, but with a five-month-old baby that's just not possible. I've had a fairly stressful year so I fancy quite a late night and not having to worry about getting back for the babysitter. I'm going to a party at my sister's with 40 close friends. We will go to the river for one of the events and then go back to the flat for drinks until whenever. Charlie, my son, will be staying with his grandparents or my brother-in-law, so I can have a good lie-in in the morning. I think, like with most New Years, people have left everything to the last minute and none of my friends are going anywhere exotic. But because it's the millennium it will definitely be that bit more special.



Christian-Jewish Relations

The millennium has nothing to do with the Jewish community and I'm not sure what relevance it has to the Christian community either. I won't be celebrating it. I shall spend that Friday evening in the synagogue and then go home to celebrate the Sabbath with my family. As a religious leader I'm very disappointed that all this millennium hype seems to have taken the religion out of Christmas, which is a Christian festival. No spirituality has come into the millennium celebrations. If anything, people should mark this date with a period of reflection over what has gone before. In the past century we've reached the moon, but we've also had mass destruction. For the future I'd like to see a return to marriage, the family and respect.


Dome hostess

The fact that I'm going to work for the millennium doesn't mean I'm going to ignore it. By choosing to work I'm hoping to kill two birds with one stone. A whole load of students from my university are coming down to the Dome, so I will be with friends and enjoying the evening without having to pay for it. We will be working for 12 hours from 3pm to 3am and afterwards we plan to join a number of parties going on in Greenwich. I don't know what will happen at midnight, but I hope we workers will also be part of the big finale and not stuck in a corner. I normally hold my own party at New Year, but this time I thought the responsibility would be too great. It's going to be an anti-climax. There's been too much hype and people who expect too much will be disappointed.