Details competition no 424 by Tom Lubbock

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Detail 422 came from Watteau's Gilles or Pierrot (1718-19). This picture of the forlorn lover of the commedia dell'arte theatre, standing out by himself in front of the show, with his strikingly round hat-halo, has often been taken as a literal, or a surrogate, self-portrait - or at least as an emblem of the lonesome artist. It is also a portrait of stupidity (note the donkey) - soulful stupidity, a passive and appealing dopeyness. There's a very close contemporary version of this look in the figure of the young man in Lucian Freud's Large Interior, W11 (after Watteau). Our picture is in the Louvre, Paris.

The first three correct entries came from: J Falby, Salterton; D Jeffroy, Bristol; and O Peckham, Macclesfield