Today's the day we print our first list of fine Les Routiers restaurants where you can use your Club Bon Viveur card, which was in the Magazine on Saturday, to ensure that one of your party will get a FREE meal.

Throughout the week we will be printing a list of restaurants, with each day covering a different region. Your card automatically makes you a member of the prestigious Club Bon Viveur and entitles you to discounts at some 800 restaurants. Simply select a restaurant from the lists printed, telephone to check it is offering Club discounts on the day and time you wish, ask for directions if necessary and on making your telephone reservation, state that you wish to use your Club Bon Viveur discount card. Full instructions, terms and conditions plus details of the discounts available, are on the back of the card.

If you missed the card last Saturday, send a SAE to: The Independent/Club Bon Viveur card, PO Box 250, Welwyn Garden City, Herts AL7 1TU and one will be sent to you (requests must be received by March 14). You can use the card as often as you like until April 7, 1995 when the offer expires.

As an example, you might like to take your party to Morton's Fork, a 17th century restaurant and wine bar, situated in a quiet, historical village. It has a charming ambience with a menu that offers imaginative and good regional dishes.

If you have any enquiries about this offer, ring our helpline, 071 381 1233 (CGI) between 9 am and 5.30 pm.


BATTERSEA: Primadonna, TEL:071 223 9737, CLUB HRS: Daily 12 noon - 12 midnight.

BAYSWATER: El-Efe's Restaurant, TEL:071 229 3536, CLUB HRS: All day. Mon - Sun.(Last Orders 12.15 am.,11.45pm Sundays).

BELGRAVIA: Tophams, TEL:071 730 8147, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.30pm Mon,Wed & Frid, Dinner 6.30-9.30 pm.Mon,Wed,Frid & Sat.

BLACKFRIARS: Oscar's, TEL:071 353 6272, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.00-2.30pm.Mon- Frid. Dinner on request, min 4 people.

BLACKFRIARS: The Foundry Restaurant, TEL:071 721 7055, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12-3.00pm.Mon-Wed.

BLOOMSBURY: GHQ, TEL:071 636 7612, CLUB HRS: 7.00am-2.00am daily.

BLOOMSBURY: Konaki, TEL:071 580 9730, CLUB HRS: 11am-11pm Mon-Wed. Sat 6-12.00. Closed Sun.(Pianist in evenings).

BLOOMSBURY: La Bagatelle, TEL:071 637 5628, CLUB HRS: 11am-11pm Lunch, Mon-Sun, Dinner (Last Orders 11pm.) Mon-Thurs.

BLOOMSBURY: Los Locos Border Town Bar & Grill, TEL:071 379 0220, CLUB HRS: Dinner: 5.30-11.00pm.Mon-Thurs. N.B. Nightclub open until 3am.

BLOOMSBURY: Waterfalls, TEL:071 242 2828, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.30pm.Mon- Fri, Dinner 5.30-10.30pm.(Last Orders) Fri-Sun.

BOW: 1789 French Restaurant, TEL:081 980 8233, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.30- 2.30pm (On request)Dinner 7.30-10.30 (Last Orders) Tues-Sun.

CAMDEN: Briamonte, TEL:071 387 3167, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.00-2.30pm Mon- Fri, Dinner:6.00-11.30pm.(Last Orders) Mon-Sat.

CITY: Beauchamp's, TEL:071 621 1331, CLUB HRS: Lunch 11-4pm(Last Orders 3pm)-Mon only.

CLAPHAM: The Inebriated Newt, TEL:(071) 223 1637, CLUB HRS: Lunch Sat&Sun 12.30-3pm Dinner Mon-Thurs & Sun 7.30-11pm.(L/O) Excl. Dec.

COVENT GARDEN: Le Cafe des Amis du Vin TEL:071 379 3444, CLUB HRS: Lunch:11.30am- 4pm Sat only.Dinner 6-11.30pm Mon only, Sun 12-10.30pm.

COVENT GARDEN: Magno's Brasserie, TEL:071 836 6077, CLUB HRS: Dinner: 8-11.30pm. Mon-Sat. Discount on a la carte menu only.

EALING: Charlotte's Place, TEL:081 567 7541, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.00-1.45pm.Mon- Fri, Dinner 7.30-9.45pm.(Last Orders) Mon-Thurs.

EALING COMMON: The Patio Brasserie, TEL:081 992 5399, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.30-2.30 Mon-Fri, Dinner 6.30-10.00(Last Orders 9.30)- Sat & Sun.

EARLS COURT: Kramp's Creperie, TEL:071 244 8759, CLUB HRS: All Day, 12.00-11.00pm. Mon-Sun.

FARRINGDON: Cafe St Pierre TEL:071 251 6606, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.30pm, Dinner 6-10pm. (Last Orders), Mon-Fri.

FARRINGDON: Diana's Dining Room, TEL:071 831 7261, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.00-3.30pm Mon & Tues, Dinner 5.00pm-late Wed-Fri.

FINCHLEY CENTRAL: Rani, TEL:081 349 4386, CLUB HRS: Dinner 6-7pm Tues- Sun.Discount excludes special events & menus.

FITZROVIA: Il Sorriso, TEL:071 636 3144, CLUB HRS: Dinner: 6.45-10.45pm/11.00pm Mon-Sat.

FITZROVIA: Kanishka, TEL:071 383 3010, CLUB HRS: Lunch:12-3 Mon-Fri. Dinner:6-7.30 Mon-Wed,6pm-8pm Th-Sat(No Disc.on Buffet).

FITZROVIA: Langham's Brasserie TEL:071 436 6622, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.30- 2.30pm. Mon-Frid, Dinner 6-10.30pm. Mon-Sunday.

FITZROVIA: The Berner's Restaurant, TEL:071 636 1629, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.30-3pm, Dinner 6-10pm (Last Orders)- all week.

FOREST HILL: Romantiq II, TEL:081 291 3901, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm Mon- Frid, Dinner 7-10.30pm (Last Orders)- Mon-Thurs.

FULHAM: Le Midi, TEL:071 386 0657, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.00-2.30pm Mon- Fri. Dinner: 6-11pm Mon only.

HERNE HILL: Restaurant au Provencal, TEL:071 274 9163, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-10.30pm (Last Orders) - Mon-Sat.

HOLBORN: Red Pepper Indian Restaurant, TEL:071 405 8072, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12-2.30pm Mon & Sat, Dinner:6-11.30 Mon,6-8 Tues,6-11pm. Sat.

HOLBORN: Villa Stefano, TEL:071 831 7318, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-4pm Mon- Frid.,Dinner 5.30-12 midnight (Last Orders 11pm)Mon-Thurs.

HORNSEY: Le Bistro, TEL:081 340 2116, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12-3.00pm.Tues- Frid.Dinner 6-11.30pm - Mon-Sun.

KENNINGTON: Barba Blu, TEL:071 735 5975, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.00-3.00pm Mon-Fri. Dinner: 6.00pm-midnight Mon-Thurs & Sat.

KENNINGTON: Don Miguel Restaurant & Tapas Bar, TEL:071 582 5800, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.00-3.00pm Mon-Thurs,Dinner 6-12pm(Last Orders 11.30)Mon- Thurs.

KENNINGTON: The Lobster Pot, TEL:071 582 5556, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.00- 3.00pm Sat only.

KENSAL GREEN: The Raj, TEL:081 969 2543, CLUB HRS: Lunch:12.00-2.30pm.Mon- Frid. Dinner: 6.00pm-midnight. Mon-Thurs.

KENSINGTON: Byblos Mezzeh of Lebanon, TEL:071 603 4422, CLUB HRS: 11.45am- 11.45pm daily.

KENSINGTON: Dino's, TEL:071 937 3896, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-3pm Dinner 8.30pm-midnight (Last Orders 11.45pm)- all week.

KENTISH TOWN: Indian Lancer, TEL:071 482 2803, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.00- 2.30pm Mon-Sat,to 3.30pm Sun.Dinner: 6-11.30pm Mon-Thurs & Sun.

KINGS CROSS: Squires, TEL:071 837 5454, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-3pm, Dinner 5.30-11pm (Last Orders 10pm)- all week.

KNIGHTSBRIDGE: Red River, TEL:071 584 7007, CLUB HRS: Lunch:12-2.30pm.Dinner:6- 11.30pm.daily disc excl dessertLive cabaret Sun pm.

LEICESTER SQUARE: Marche Restaurant, TEL:071 494 0498, CLUB HRS: Lunch 11am-3pm Mon-Fri.

MAIDA VALE: Don Pepe, TEL:071 262 3834, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-3pm(Last Orders 2.15pm.),Dinner 7-1am(Last Orders 12.15am) Mon-Wed.

MANOR HOUSE: Parkers, TEL:081 800 6030, CLUB HRS: Dinner 6-10pm (Last Orders 9.30pm)- Mon-Sat.

MAYFAIR: Adams Restaurant, TEL:071 629 9400, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.30- 3.00pm,Mon-Fri, Dinner: 6.30-9.30pm.Mon-Fri.

MAYFAIR: Best of Both Worlds Cafe, TEL:071 629 9400, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.30-3.00pm Mon-Frid. Dinner: 6.00-10.00pm Mon-Frid.

MAYFAIR: Dino's TEL:071 629 7070, CLUB HRS: Dinner 8-11.30pm (Last Orders 11.15)- all week.

MAYFAIR: The Straits Restaurant, TEL:071 493 3986, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12- 3.00pm,Mon-Frid. Dinner 6.30pm-midnight(Last Orders 11.45)Mon-Sat.

NINE ELMS: The Battersea Barge, TEL:071 498 0004, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.00- 2.00 Mon-Sat. Dinner: 7.00-11pm (Last Orders 10.30) Mon-Sat.

LONDON, W11: Caps, TEL:071 229 5177, CLUB HRS: Dinner: 6.00-11.00pm. Mon-Sat.

NOTTING HILL GATE: Lalbag Tandoori, TEL:071 727 7558, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12-2.45pm, Dinner: 6-12 midnight, All week.

OVAL: The Old Calcutta Tandoori Restaurant, TEL:071 582 1415, CLUB HRS: Lunch, 12-2.30pm Thurs and Frid, Dinner 6pm-12 midnight, Wed & Thurs.

PARSONS GREEN: Casa Franco, TEL:071 736 1195, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-3pm,Dinner 7-11.45pm. All week. Discount on a la carte only.

PUTNEY: Myra Restaurant, TEL:081 788 9450, CLUB HRS: Lunch:12-2.30pm,Mon- Frid.12.30-4pm.Sun. Dinner 6.30-11pm(L/O) Mon-Sat.

ROEHAMPTON: Via Veneto, TEL:081 780 1059, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.30pm Mon-Sat,1-3pm Sun.Dinner 6.30-11.00pm(Last Orders)-all week.

SHEPHERDS BUSH: The Rotisserie, TEL:081 743 3028, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12- 3pm,Dinner 6.30-11pm Mon. A la Carte menu only.

SOHO: Los Locos Beach Club & Grill, TEL:071 287 0005, CLUB HRS: Dinner: 5.30-11.00pm.Mon-Thurs. N.B. Nightclub open until 3am.

SOUTH KENSINGTON: La Sala Romana, TEL:071 373 5703, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-3pm, Dinner 6.30-11.30(Last Orders 11.15)- all week.

STOKE NEWINGTON: Shamsudeen's, TEL:071 241 4171, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.00- 3.15pm daily. Dinner: 6.00pm-midnight Mon, Tues & Sun.

SWISS COTTAGE: The Willow Tree Restaurant, TEL:071 722 2281, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-10pm (Last Orders 9.30)- Mon-Frid.

SYDENHAM: Beaches Cafe Brasserie, TEL:081 659 2030, CLUB HRS: Lunch 10-4pm Sun only, Dinner 7-10pm.(Last Orders) Tues-Sat.

SYDENHAM: Horniman's Restaurant, TEL:081 291 2901, CLUB HRS: Dinner: 7.00-10.30pm. Wed and Sun only.

TOOTING: Peacock Tandoori Restaurant, TEL:081 672 8770, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.00-3.00pm Mon-Thur. Dinner: 6.00pm-midnight Mon-Thur.

TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD: Greenhouse Vegetarian, TEL:071 637 8038, CLUB HRS: 10am to 10pm, Mon-Sat(Last Orders 8.30pm)(Ladies Day Mon).

TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD: Mandeer Vegetarian Restaurant, TEL:071 323 0660, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-3.00pm Mon-Sat, Dinner 5.30-10.00(Last orders 9.45pm) Mon-Sat.

VICTORIA: Bumbles, TEL:071 828 2903, CLUB HRS: Dinner: 6.00-10.45pm.Mon- Sat.

WATERLOO: La Rive Gauche, TEL:071 928 8645, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.00-2.30 Mon-Frid. Dinner: 6.00-11.00pm. Mon-Sat.

WEST NORWOOD: Blazes Restaurant, TEL:081 674 7809, CLUB HRS: Dinner: 6.00-11.00pm, Mon-Thurs, 6.30-10.30pm, Sun.

WESTMINSTER: Le Pavillon, TEL:071 828 6611, CLUB HRS: Dinner: 6.30-9.55pm(Last Orders) Mon-Sun.

WIMBLEDON: Gourmet Restaurant, TEL:081 540 5710, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12pm- 3pm,Dinner 5.30pm-midnight (Last Orders 11.00pm)- all week.


EDGWARE: Redfords, TEL:081 958 2229, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.30-2.30pm. Dinner: 5.00-10.00pm(Last Orders)- all week.

EDGWARE: The Flying Elephant, TEL:0181 952 1385, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12- 2.30pm, Dinner 6-11pm (Last Orders 10.45) Mon-Sat.

ENFIELD: Enzo's Ristorante, TEL:081 363 6974, CLUB HRS: Lunch:12-3pm Mon-Fri.Dinner:6-12pm Mon-Sat(L/O 10.45) Disc. on a la carte only.

ENFIELD: Oak Lodge Hotel Garden Restaurant, TEL:081 360 0194, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7.30-9.30pm (Last Orders) Tues-Sat.

HARROW: Heritage Restaurant, TEL:081 427 3435, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.30- 2pm, Dinner 6.45-10.30pm (Last Orders 9.45) - all week.

HARROW: La Rochelle, TEL:081 863 4111, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7.00-9.30pm (Last Orders) - all week.

HARROW WEALD: FIDDLER'S RESTAURANT, TEL:081 863 6066, CLUB HRS: Lunch:12.00- 2.30 Mon-Sun,Dinner: 7-11.30pm.(Last Orders) Mon-Thurs & Sun.

RUISLIP: LEANING BARN RESTAURANT, TEL:0895 636057, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-9.30pm (Last Orders) Friday, 7-8.30 pm. Sunday.

SHEPPERTON: Warren Lodge, TEL:0932 242972, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.00pm Mon-Sat, Dinner 7-10pm (Last Orders) Mon-Sat.

TEDDINGTON: The Italian Place, TEL:081 943 2433, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12- 2.30pm Mon-Sat. 11am-3pm and 7-10.30pm. Sunday.

TWICKENHAM: Cafe du Bonheur, TEL:081 891 6338, CLUB HRS: 2pm-7pm Mon- Thurs. 4pm-10pm Sun.