Dirty Dogs Campaign: More letters

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I am a wheelchair user. Those who have experienced dog shit on their shoes can only imagine my emotions when I get a 'pancake on my palm', as the stuff is transferred from the tyre to the hubs and spokes and then on to my clothes and fingers. Any suggestions on how to get it out of the wheel tread would be welcome. Unlike pedestrians who can take off their shoes, this option is not open to me - David Burdus, Newcastle upon Tyne

If the Queen could be photographed tidying up after her corgis and there were a new OBE - Ordure Banished Efficiently - there might be some hope - E Clarke, London W11

I very rarely go out on my bike because if I run over shit in the park I need to put plastic bags over the wheels when I bring it back. It is hard work. I think dog fouling should really stop - Andy Naidu, age 11

If some way could be found to turn canine faeces into a profitable commodity (like fertilizer or fuel), they would soon become far too valuable to be left lying around in public

V Dobson, Preston