National Canine Defence League: 'In general the NCDL approves the Independent on Sunday's argument. No amount of reasoning with dog owners, that they should do as people ask for the sake of dogs, seems to work - and God knows, dogs are having a hard enough time with their image as it is.'

Action for Blind People: 'We welcome your campaign. For a visually impaired person, walking the streets is becoming one long nightmare. If a blind person does not tread in the mess, invariably they hit it with their white stick.'

Community Hygiene Concern: 'One case of blindness due to toxocariasis is one too many. We need to convert anxiety into effective preventive action.'

National Playing Fields Association: 'Unfortunately, for too long we have put the issue in the 'too-hard' basket and increasing confrontation has been the unhappy result.'

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents: 'The Society is concerned by the number of accidents caused to children by dogs on playgrounds. We would be pleased to work with the Independent on Sunday.'