Wendy Richard who plays long suffering Pauline Fowler in the BBC television soap opera EastEnders is a fervent campaigner for cleaner streets and fully supports the Independent on Sunday campaign.

'It does make me angry when I see people letting their dogs crap all over our streets,' she says. 'We have a Cairn terrier called Shirley and we always clear up after her. It's no trouble, you just have to remember to take a plastic bag with you when you walk your dog. We live in Westminster and the streets are quite clean, but we have identified a few culprits who don't clear up after their dogs. My husband had a few words with them once and they got quite abusive.

'Of course, responsible dog owners will make sure their dogs regularly get their shots and are wormed, then at least if they do crap, there won't be any danger of spreading disease.'

(Photograph omitted)