I agree with everything you say about the dog-shit problem, and the irresponsibility of many dog owners, with their total disregard of local by-laws.

I think it's about time that dog-food manufacturers were made to print instructions on the labels of their products, reminding owners of their duty to clear up dog mess, and pointing out the dangers to public health of leaving it lying around. - J Milbank, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex

Funding is required, and it must be paid for by the owners of the dogs who cause the mess in the first place. What better method to obtain the funding than by placing a small tax on each tin of dog food and each packet of dog biscuits? The costs of administration would be low as it could easily be centrally controlled, and it is nicely targetted towards the required group.

John Winfield, London SW14

Children's awareness should be raised in schools. They have a great influence on their parents, especially if their attention is drawn towards the health factor. Dog food manufacturers and distributors should print appropriate messages on all labels. - U Whitehead, Chandlers Ford, Hants

Why not have all labels on dog food stating the facts relating to dog filth?. Or even small health warnings on the shelves and displays in supermarkets? Why should animal filth come before health of any human? Keep up your campaign. - Alan Hilditch, Chedburgh, Suffolk

The first step must be a campaign similar to those on seat belts, safer sex and looking after one's heart. That means using prime-time TV, public billboards and leaflets in clinics in doctors' surgeries. - Maria MacLachlan, Wembley