Last week Serena Mackesy mauled Eddie Murphy
The question is, do we need Serena Mackesy and her vitriolic, petty brand of journalism? Eddie Murphy does not pretend to be Jerry Lewis's heir, just because The Nutty Professor is a remake. Many have not seen the original, and there is a difference between plagiarising and reinterpreting a film. However, many do remember Eddie Murphy as an extremely funny, instantly likable character who had great success in the Eighties. I am glad that he is "back". As for his alleged "Misogyny, arrogance, aggression, greed, huge sexual appetite", what high horse is Serena Mackesy sat on? Here's to Eddie and his unabashed good spirits and enthusiasm.

Allegra Kopp

London SW1

I remember Eddie Murphy for his brash, black sassiness. Before Eddie Murphy there was Sidney Poitier, the black Henry Fonda of his time. Between these two, Richard Pryor came and went. Today, Denzel Washington pleases and poses pretty but only Morgan Freeman shines.

We need Eddie Murphy for his brilliance in 48 Hours and Beverly Hills Cop. We have to separate the actor from the man.

Dr Raza Silveira