A LOT of women of Joan Collins's age are very catty about her. They feel inadequate because they can't look like her. They say she piles on make-up, but I say: 'If you piled on make-up you wouldn't look like her.' You do need something to build on.

When I look at myself aged 19 I think: 'My God, did I ever look that young?' But I feel better now that I'm older. If you think you're OK and you look good, what is age anyway? Joan Collins makes the older woman feel better about ageing. We see her and think, well, why shouldn't we look like that? I wear jeans, tight trousers - she's made it possible for older women wear the same as younger ones.

I do all sorts of things like adverts and openings as Joan Collins. I think she's fantastic. A lot of women could look as good, though - it's down to bone structure. Look at Sophia Loren, she's got that strong face. Brigitte Bardot's baby-face type doesn't age so well. I think Joan Collins has natural genes: her father looked very young as well. Money does make a big difference, and so does how you look after yourself: a lot of women could look better with money. She doesn't have to do housework, the only worry she's got is to look good. I've seen her close up twice: she looks mature, she still has lines.

I don't think I look younger than her. But so what? Sixteen years isn't that much of a difference. A lot depends on the individual - my skin might be 20 times better than the next woman's, even though she's 10 years younger. There are women younger than me who look ten years older. A lot of women improve with age - puppy fat goes and bone structure emerges.

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