CC: Disturbing

It's disturbing and provocative, the child in the background makes it all the more so. My son looks a bit like the boy on the table. I don't want to think about what's going on.

IF: Disturbing

He looks as if he's dead or has a serious problem. The woman is not distressed which makes it more disturbing - she isn't responding in an appropriate manner, she's accepting this situation. Images of dead children scare me as a social worker and a parent.

MM: Moving

This is moving and dramatic - there's a story behind it. There's horror and tenderness. I think the child behind is associated with fear - she has her hands over her ears. You can't quite locate the emotion.

TimS: Moving

It's very evocative - it looks like something terrible has happened. She's attempting to comfort him and he's in a state of shock - he's past caring. What's happened? He's had a verruca taken out and the girl is upset because she's next.


OJ: Disturbing

Is it some sort of ritual? I'm not sure. I'm identifying with the victim.

MM: Peaceful

It's intriguing and puts me in mind of those early Renaissance paintings of Christ dead. There's no pain involved. The jumpers look cosy! They look like early Blue Peter presenters.

TS: Disturbing

It looks like an old S&M scene. It's disturbing because people who crave pain are disturbed. S&M is an expression of their suffering and I find it worrying that people need to do it.


CC: Beautiful

The woman is beautifully shot even if the image is not beautiful.

IF: Moving

She's a woman who has been bereaved, and she's got someone comforting her. She's expressing distress in a quiet but open way.

OJ: Moving

Her expression of anger - not even sadness - moves me. She's in despair. She's not blubbing - it's just a single tear from each eye. She's a wife, or a mother, or a daughter and some sort of tragedy has occurred. MM: Erotic

You participate in the sensuality of skin. Her lips, his hand near her breast, communicate the pleasures of touching. I think she's experiencing some kind of emotion together with sensuality and that equals eroticism.

TS: Moving

It looks like she has a deep stillness in sorrow. She has faith in something,

TimS: Peaceful

She looks as if she's just come out of a period of terrible grief. Her son was probably killed.