Forget Hip Hop, writes Lynn Eaton, and cast aside those jungle music tapes. This summer youngsters in east London will be getting down to the Tudor beat at one of London's oldest venues.

Thirty children from Hackney have been spending their time at Sutton House in Homerton High Street, learning about Tudor dance, music and food.

According to Lissa Chapman of the National Trust, which runs the Grade II

listed house, built in the 1530s, Tudor dancing was a far more boisterous activity than is commonly imagined.

Films set in the Tudor period tend to portray a rather sedate form of dancing, whereas the real thing was much livelier. In one dance, the volta, women were thrown into the air by male partners. Elizabeth I

was so fond of this particular dance that she had herself painted in mid-leap.

'It was a cross between disco dancing and ballroom, says Ms Chapman.

The activity days continue throughout next week and are open to all children between eight and 12 years old, price 50p.

Full details on 081-986 2264.

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