Don't junk it ... use it: Digital mousetraps and no dandruff

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Does your mouse get lost under piles of paper on your desk? Do its movements become erratic as it picks up pieces of fluff? Do you suffer from dry, lifeless hair? Don't worry! You can solve all the problems at once with the shampoo-bottle computer mouse-pouch. First select a brand of shampoo appropriate to your hair and mouse, more particularly the latter. (Fat mice require fatter bottles.) Wash hair well, repeating as necessary until bottle is empty.

Rinse the bottle thoroughly, then, using a strong pair of scissors or Stanley knife, cut along the dotted lines. Discard the portion that includes the top of the bottle.

Check that your mouse fits cosily into its new nest. At the first sign of discomfort, change your shampoo.

When you are satisfied that the mouse will be comfortable, fix the newly- made mouse park to the side of your computer with double-sided sticky tape or two pieces of Velcro. Tuck your mouse away tidily, with its tail hanging through the slit.

Bawn O'Beirne-Ranelagh