This design is a cheap and cheerful way to create frames for those pictures that don't quite deserve the expense of buying one ready-made. All you need is an empty lager can, some pieces of cardboard, heavy-duty scissors and some string (ideally elastic) and toggles.

As a handy tip, I can recommend starting with a full lager can. It helps get you into the right mood.

First empty the lager can. Then, using a heavy pair of scissors, cut off the top and bottom and cut down the centre.

Flatten out the rectangle of metal you have just created. Measure the margins to the required size, and cut out the centre section. Use a pair of pliers to fold and crimp the edges flat. Quite apart from giving the frame a more finished look, this avoids the danger of cutting yourself on sharp edges.

Cut two pieces of cardboard slightly smaller than the frame, then punch holes in the corners of cardboard and frame. String together with elastic string and toggles, or use ribbon or plain string. By pulling the string tight, you can give the frame an original curved shape which also helps it to stand up on its own. (Which may be more than you can manage yourself, if the first few lager cans refuse to cooperate with your intentions) Finally, if still sober, you can decorate the finished frame by tapping or scribing designs onto it.