Don't junk it ... use it Personalised personal organisers from cereal packs

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Forget Filofax: here's a way to make a child's (or eccentric adult's) personal notebook from discarded packets.

First pick a cardboard container with a design and product that you feel reflect your personality. Personally, I opt for the JetFill Premium Cartridge Refill pack, but you may prefer corn flakes or apple pie. Open the pack out flat as shown in the diagram above, with the front and back of the original carton connected by what was a side edge. That side edge will form both the spine of your organiser and the holder for its pages. Cut the cardboard to whatever size you require.

Now score two lines down the middle section as shown. These will be folded, as in the second diagram, to produce the ridge which will be used to secure the pages.

You may choose to conceal the package design in the interior of the organiser, as shown, or display it proudly on the outside. Fold along the scored lines, stick the ridge shut with glue or double-sided tape, punch two holes in it and that's all there is to it. When you come to load it with paper, you can use a plastic paper-securing device, available from all esoteric stationers, but I find that a shoelace does the trick just as well and is available from any good shoe.

Bawn O'Beirne-Ranelagh