Realised ... that Yoko Ono is Damien Hirst's godmother? Well, sort of. Fluxus, a movement which Ono helped to establish, influenced the development of conceptual art but her current exhibition surveys Ono's work of the 1980s and 1990s, too. The Oxford MOMA exhibition includes, for instance, Ono's Half-a-room environment from the Sixties and the 64-year-old's latest project, a conceptual photographic examination of female relationships with male power, that she has been working on throughout the Nineties. The Yoko Ono Retrospective runs to 15 March, Museum of Modern Art, 30 Pembroke St, Oxford 01865 722 733.

Taken ... confession? The Turner Prize-winning artist Gillian Wearing persuaded people anonymously to "confess all on video" for a work of the same name and is the subject of a Hayward touring exhibition, "Spotlight on Gillian Wearing". Confess all on video and Wearing's new work, Sixty Minute Silence (in which the participants, standing as still as possible and dressed in police uniforms, were filmed for an hour), set up tragi- comic dramas and tableaux, inviting the viewer to consider who's more uncomfortable: the watched or the watchers. "Spotlight on Gillian Wearing" will move on to Coventry, Isle of Wight, Newcastle and Cardiff over the next 12 months. To 14 Feb, Spacex Gallery, 45 Preston St, Exeter 01392 431 786.