Don't Say You Haven't...

had... food for thought, courtesy of Scotts of Mayfair and Wyndham's Theatre's cultured meal deal, with lunch at the Oyster Terrace, followed by the 5pm matinee of Art. Currently cutting its teeth on this acclaimed production is a new cast including Roger Allam, Mick Ford and Jack Dee, who play three friends thrown into turmoil by the acquisition by one of them of a blank piece of art. Needless to say, the artwork's price is harder to justify than the meal deal. To book, call 0171-369 1736 and quote Scotts. Until 15 February.

seen... the future. Impossible, yes, but it's a good subject for artistic imagination. Unknown Futures is an exhibition of four artists' painting and sculpture, held in an 18th-century City church. If the venue is inspirational, the content should also prove so: one sculptor has moulded his experience of meningitis in Plasticine.

St Botolph's Church, Aldgate, London EC3. Mon-Fri, 10am to 3pm. until 15 February.