Seen... the physical wonder that is flamenco dancing. To create a dance which works with the fast, flamenco beat, means a lot of twisting, turning, and encouragement by way of "ole"s. The Campanas Flamencas will be performing The Timeless Tradition, which creator Francisco Sanchez has described as "the sado-masochist relationship which is the story of life". With the members of the Flamencas company stretching through three generations, the youngest being an eight year old, flamenco has proved that it is really a timeless traditional dance.

To 8 March, at Peacock Theatre, Kingsway, London WC2 (0171-314 8800). Tickets: pounds 7.50-pounds 27.50.

Read... the signs in Tania Mouraud's World Signs. This is her first major exhibition to be shown in England. Her work, spanning an artistic career which began in the early Sixties, has covered many genres, from public interventions, photo-media, wall texts and installations which address cultural and socio-political systems. At this exhibition, you can expect an installation using patterns and colours derived from English military and civil ribbons of honour. Thousands of pieces of recycled, coloured paper will be attached to the walls of the cafe gallery and each sheet will have the name of a boat which has sailed on the Thames written on it: a Mondrian-like image which brings the life of the city into the gallery space.

To 22 February, Riverside Studios Gallery, Crisp Road, London W6 (0181- 237 1111).