Made... a voyage into Space? Who'd have thought that "My Neighbourhood" would prove the making of one of Nineties pop's most appealing groups, Space. A couple of years down the road, and Space are charming audiences and critics alike with their second album, Tin Planet, which they're touring at the moment. Tonight Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall 01303 253193, tomorrow Brighton, The Event Two.

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Shake... your trochees. We've had verse you can drink to (the increasingly popular poetry slams), so how about poetry to have a bop to? Billed as the UK's first ever pop poetry festival, LitPop '98 is the brainchild of Atomic Lip, the country's first ever, er, poetry pop group. Strutting their iambic stuff over the next three days will be Murray Lachlan Young (who else?), John Hegley, Adrian Mitchell, MC Jabber and Michael Horowitz among others. To 26 March, The 100 Club, 100 Oxford St, London W1 (0181- 691 0531).