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been... to Shining Souls. Spend a day with this group of characters as they gravitate towards a public meeting, go on a shopping spree in Glasgow's celebrated Barras flea market and attend a wedding. The confused bride tries to decide whether to marry Billy or Billy. Tonight is the last show!

Old Vic, Waterloo Road, London SE1, 7.30pm. Tickets: pounds 10-pounds 24. Box office: 0171-928 7616

watched... films from Scotland's French Film Festival. Opens today with Flaming Bodies & 75 Centilitres of Prayer, described as an "acerbic love tangle for the 90s". Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford Street, Manchester, 8:10pm. Box office: 0161-228 2463. Tickets: pounds 4.20

seen... the new travel kiosks in London. One has opened in the Earth Galleries of the Natural History Museum. At the touch of a button you have access to free information on restaurants, pubs, shopping and mini- maps which, as I'm direction illiterate, makes me very happy.

Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7. 0171-938 9123