realised... that the Mean Fiddler venue has been going for 15 years. Get down there and celebrate its 15th anniversary for the next two weeks. Mean Fiddler, 22-28a High St, Harlsden, London NW10.

heard... that Molly Parkin and Sophie Parkin, the former a reformed everywoman and the latter her literary daughter, will be talking candidly about their work. 6pm, Cottesloe Theatre, South Bank, London SE1, 0171 633 0880.

twigged... that Red Nose day isn't all good, clean fun. Golden Square Books is hosting a "Blue Nose Poetry Special Event", taking a look at the raunchier moments of contemporary women's writing, including work from Fiona Pitt-Kethley, Kate Clanchy and Cherry Smyth. 7.30pm,16 The Village, Golden Square, London W1, 0181 352 0813.

read up... on your modern Eng. Lit. David Lodge will be reading this evening from his various novels of modern academic life, so pay attention at the back. 6pm, Institut Francais, 17 Queensberry Place, London SW7, 0171 838 2167.