heard... the Rick Margitza Quartet. American contemporary jazz tenor saxophonist does not get the attention he deserves. He began studying music at the age of four and was hooked on jazz the moment he heard a Charlie Parker record. Since then he's worked with such greats as Miles Davis. Pizza Express Jazz Club, 10 Dean Street, London W1, 0171-439 8722. Tonight and tomorrow, 9pm. Tickets: pounds 10.

read... Men in Black by John Harvey (Reaktion, pounds 12.95). What is it about the colour black that is so alluring. It's a paradoxical colour, embracing mourning, evil and yet is a fashion statement. It has often had the allure of "being bad". This book tackles the historical meanings and uses behind what has become a staple wardrobe colour for many.

seen... a double billing of Michelangelo Antonioni's films. Playing today at the Everyman Cinema is L'Avventura (1.35pm), a story about a group of wealthy Italians on a yacht and their search for a member of their party who suddenly vanishes. And The Red Desert (3.45pm), which is about the struggle to adapt to the modern technocratic world. Holly Bush Vale, Hampstead, London. Box-office: 0171-435 1525. Tickets approximately pounds 4.50.