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heard ... the Cat in the Hat has a birthday this week. Forty years ago Dr Seuss (aka Theodor Seuss Geisel) created the bow-tie-and-chimney- stack-wearing, rhyming cat that millions of children fell in love with. Since then Cat in the Hat has become the biggest selling children's book in the English language.

signed up ... for "Now You're Talking", a four-week how-to course in Irish storytelling. Learn the skills of making, telling and sharing stories. Family gatherings will never be the same once the true bard within you has been revealed. Now the relatives will want to come over! Hammersmith & Fulham Irish Centre, Blacks Road, 7.30 pm. Course fee: pounds 20. Information: 0181 563 8232.

listened ... to Casablanca (EMI Records). Everyone knows the famous lines from this 1942 classic, but the soundtrack has never been released and the original material was thought to be lost - until recently, when it was accidentally unearthed. Relive the magic with such musical chestnuts as "It Had To Be You" and "As Time Goes By".