viewed... London in easy to manage slices. London Interactive is an aerial photograph of greater London scanned into a computer. All you have to do is click on a particular building, focus on one area, or an architect of your choice and wait for the information to flow. This imaginative use of photography also provides Londoners with a reminder of the great architecture that surrounds them in London, too often missed as we run for the bus, or travel underground on the tube system. At the Economist Building, 30 Bury Street, London SW1 (0171-839 9389).

seen... Apocalyptica. This is a play about living in a war-zone, with the focus on bombed out buildings where the homeless of war come together. Here, they tell stories to each other and through these shared experiences a sense of community emerges. Directed by Matthew Lloyd, with the cast of Elizabeth Bradley, Peter Copley, Callum Dodgson, Ian Gelder, Hosh Ibrahim, Julie Legrand and Sonya Walger. Hampstead Theatre, Swiss Cottage Centre, Avenue Road, London NW3 (0171-722 9301). To 21 March.