Drink: For goodness sake

Anyone for liquid toast and marmalade? Get ready for the Jus Cafe, a whole new spin on the craze for fresh juice
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Not everybody is into juice yet. At the Jus Cafe just off Carnaby Street in central London I sat next to a man determinedly drinking Diet Coke; he clearly hadn't heard the one about pork chops and synagogues. This new juice bar - pronounced "juice" not "joo" as the French spelling suggests - opened earlier this month (with another due to open in Covent Garden by November). It is the first juice bar to have persuaded a Michelin- starred chef to concoct its drinks and invent the sandwiches. Philip Howard (of The Square) is responsible for sandwiches such as thinly sliced rare lamb with salsa verde and sun-dried tomatoes (and a panna cotta worthy of a top restaurant).

Drinks include a peach, strawberry and grape smoothie (pounds 3, take-away) and a blend of carrot, apple, fennel and ginger juice (pounds 2). As well as wheatgrass, the available supplements include wheatgerm, lecithin, spirulina, echinacea and royal jelly, all for 50p a shot. Jus also offers "meal replacements" (pounds 3 to pounds 3.50), the sort of thing hospitals serve patients who are incapable of eating solids. These include toast and marmalade; blueberry muffin and banana; and muesli bread, dried fruits and honey, for which you will need a spoon.

Jus Cafe, 30-32 Foubert's Place, London W1 (0171-734 7522). Open Mon- Sat 8am-7pm

Toast and marmalade drink

Looks terrible, tastes tolerable, if you like marmalade. Jus makes it in a "k-tek" smoother; an ordinary blender or food processor may leave lumps.

2 slices brown toast

20g marmalade

150g milk

150g yoghurt

Blend all the ingredients together for one minute. Chill, then serve.

Passion fruit, nectarine and guava smoothie

A delicious, not too thick smoothie, made with nothing but fresh fruit.

1 passion fruit

1 nectarine

250ml guava juice

Blend all the ingredients together for one minute. Chill, then serve. n