Druuids' Stonehenge revenge

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Two Druids were arrested yesterday after staging a summer solstice protest in central London over the lack of access to Stonehenge.

Llwch Lleawg, 29, and Allan of the Woods, 25, barred the entrance to the Oxford Street office of English Heri-tage, which manages the Wiltshire monument.

Wearing ceremonial white robes and waving banners, they chained the building's front doors together, keeping office and maintenance staff outside for more than an hour. The Druids were questioned at Marylebone station, where they were cautioned before being released without charge.

Llwch, from Luton, and a member of the Loyal Arthur-ian Warband, said later that the demonstration had been against English Heritage's refusal to allow Druids to carry out their ancient rituals.

A cordon of 90 police

officers surrounded Stonehenge between Monday night and dawn yesterday, to prevent the few worshippers who braved the morning rain from reaching the ancient monument.

'It is ridiculous that we can't get into such an important place of worship on such a major date in our calendar, said Llwch.

'With the protest we denied them access to their place of activity. We wanted to do to them what they were doing to us.

English Heritage spokes-man said the demonstration had caused only minor disruption. 'Our policy at Stonehenge is based on the advice of Wiltshire police.