As young, single adults seek out their perfect partner, dating apps for smartphones are helping them keep their online crushes in their pocket.

The rise of the app-based online dating trend is resulting in a gradual movement away from online dating sites. The rapidly growing ecosystem of e-dating mobile apps is “gaining unprecedented traction on iOS and Android,” says Application analytics company Flurry in a report released on August 2.

Time spent on e-dating mobile apps has grown from 3.7 minutes per day in June 2010 to 8.4 minutes per day in June 2011. Conversely, the time spent on e-dating websites has decreased from 8.4 minutes per day to 8.3 minutes per day during the same time frame.

Flurry explains that one of the reasons for this shift is that “dating itself is inherently local and better served by mobile.”

“Secondly, it seems that mobile apps facilitate better engagement throughout the day,” says Flurry. “Today’s eDater need not be in front of her computer to view potential matches, or to receive or send messages. Her phone is always by her side.”

A separate study published by location-based services provider TeleNav on August 3 found that one out of three Americans would prefer to give up sex for a week than go without their mobile phone.

The study also found that “83 percent of iPhone users thought other iPhone users would make the best romantic partners.”