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Demon discussions

With reference to the "Group therapy" column (Network, 16 December), I wish to raise some issues. The column identified those users of the Internet who participate fully in the discussions taking place in newsgroups as being very enthusiastic. Demon Internet was also identified, as being an ISP with a large number of vocal critics. There is a very good reason for this: we encourage these newsgroups.

But communicating with our customers can prove difficult. Why not take advantage of the "open" nature of the Net and find out what people really think? Demon Internet subscribes to this philosophy so strongly that we actually join in the discussions. You will find very few other ISPs doing this.

Inevitably, if one encourages dialogue, negative as well as positive feedback can result. So be it. Demon Internet is the largest ISP in Europe. We have to get information to and from the people who buy our service. We are dedicated enough to the Internet community to be able to do this honestly.

The second point the column raised was that of a spoof press release mocking Demon's service levels. One cannot prevent spoofs. If you want to see a real press release, check out our review of 1996 press releases and see what initiatives and investments we have made for the benefit of our customers over the past 12 months.

James Gardiner

Marketing manager

Demon Internet


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