Eat free at 800 restaurants with Club Bon Viveur

Here is our second list of fine Les Routiers restaurants where you can use your Club Bon Viveur card to ensure that one of your party will get a FREE meal. Throughout the week we will be printing lists of participating restaurants, each day covering a different region. Your card automatically makes you a member of the prestigious Club Bon Viveur and entitles you to discounts at some 800 restaurants. Simply select a restaurant from the lists printed, telephone to check if it is offering Club discounts on the day and time you wish to visit , ask for directions if necessary and on making your telephone reservation, state that you wish to use your Club Bon Viveur discount card. Full instructions, terms and conditions plus details of the discounts available, are on the back of the card.

If you missed the card last Saturday, send an SAE to: The Independent/Club Bon Viveur card, PO Box 250, Welwyn Garden City, Herts AL7 1TU and one will be sent to you (requests must be received by March 14). You can use the card as often as you like until April 7, 1995, when the offer expires.

If you have any enquiries about this offer, ring our helpline, 071 381 1233 (CGI) between 9 am and 5.30 pm.



BEDFORD: Greek Villager, TEL: 0234 341798, CLUB HRS: Lunch: Mon-Fri 12.00- 2.00 Dinner Mon-Thurs 6-12 midnight(Last Orders 11).

BEDFORD: Gulshan Restaurant, TEL:(0234) 355544, CLUB HRS: Lunch: Mon- Fri 12.00-2.30pm, Dinner: Mon-Fri 5.30-9.30pm & Sun 6.00-9.00pm.

BIGGLESWADE: La Cachette, TEL:0767 313508, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-10pm (Last Orders) - Tues-Thurs.

LEIGHTON BUZZARD: Raj, TEL:(0525) 379319, CLUB HRS: Lunch: Mon-Sun 12.00- 2.30pm, Dinner: Mon-Thurs & Sun 6.00-midnight.


AYLESBURY: The Crooked Billet, TEL:0296 770239, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12-2.30pm.Mon- Frid Dinner: 6.00-10.00pm Mon-Thurs.

DINTON: La Chouette, TEL:0296 747422, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm

Mon-Fri, Dinner 6.30-9.00pm (Last Orders)- Mon-Thurs.

GERRARDS CROSS: Ethorpe Hotel, TEL:0753 882039, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.15 Mon-Sat,Dr Mon-Th & Sun 6-10.15(No disc with any other prom.).

GREAT MISSENDEN: The George Inn, TEL:0494 862084, CLUB HRS:

Lunch: 12.00-2.00pm Mon-Thurs. Dinner: 7.00-9.45 Mon-Thurs.

MILTON KEYNES: Best Cellars Wine Bar, TEL:0908 231323, CLUB HRS: Dinner 5.30-9pm Mon-Friday.

MILTON KEYNES: Church House Hotels, TEL:0908 216030, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-9pm(Last Orders 8.30pm)- all week.

MILTON KEYNES: Hollands Restaurant, TEL:0525 290441, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.30-2.30 Mon-Frid and Sunday.

MILTON KEYNES: The Greenhouse Restaurant, TEL:0908 282000,

CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.30pm (Last Orders) Mon-Fri.


CAMBRIDGE: Gonville Hotel & Restaurant, TEL:(0223) 66611, CLUB HRS: Lunch: Mon-Sat 12.30-2.00pm, Dinner: Mon-Sat 7.00-9.00pm.Last Orders 8.45.

ELY: Chez Tonton, TEL:0353 669668, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.30pm,Dinner 6.30-10pm (Last Orders) Tues-Fri

ST IVES: St Ives Motel, TEL:0480 463857, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm

Mon-Sat, Dinner 7-9.30pm Mon-Thurs.


BASILDON: Campanile Restaurant Bistro, TEL:0268 530810, CLUB

HRS: Lunch 12-2pm,Dinner 7-10pm. - all week. Discount on Bistro menu only.

CHELMSFORD: Glades, TEL:0245 354832, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.00-2.30pm daily. Dinner: 6.30-9.30pm Mon Tues,Wed Only.

COLCHESTER: Jacklins Restaurant, TEL:0206 572157, CLUB HRS:

Lunch: 12-2pm (l/o) Mon and Fri excluding Bank Holidays.

COLCHESTER: La Terrazza Risorante, TEL:(0206) 734301, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.00-2.00pm daily Dinner: 7.00-9.30pm Mon-Fri.

COLCHESTER: Pasquale's, TEL:0206 549080, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm, Dinner 6.30-10.30 (Last Orders)- Mon-Wed.

COLCHESTER: Tendring Tavern TEL:0255 870262, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.30pm, Dinner 7-9.30pm Mon-Wed.

COLCHESTER: The Red Lion Hotel, TEL:0206 577986, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12- 2.30(Not Sat),Dinner 7-9.30pm.(Last Orders)- all week.

COLCHESTER: The Shepherd and Dog, TEL:0206 272711, CLUB HRS:

Lunch 12-2.30pm Dinner 6.30pm-12 midnight - Mondays only(Last Orders 10pm).

GRAYS: Da Vinci Italian Restaurant, TEL:0375 392080, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.00-2.30pm Mon-Fri.Dinner Mon-Thurs 6.30-11.30pm.

MALDON: Francine's TEL:0621 856605, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7.30-9.15pm (Last Orders)- Tues-Fri

SHOEBURYNESS: The Polash Restaurant, TEL:0702 293989, CLUB HRS: Lunch Times only 12-3pm All week.

SOUTHEND: Canewdon Anchor , TEL:0702 258213, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm, Dinner 7-9pm(Last Orders) Mon-Thurs.

THORPE BAY: Schulers, TEL:0702 610172, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.30pm Mon- Sat,Dinner 6-11pm (Last Orders 10pm) Mon-Fri.


BALDOCK: The Jester Hotel, TEL:0462 742011, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.30pm Dinner 7-10pm (restaurant only) Mon & Tues. Must pre-book.

LETCHWORTH: Sagar Tandoori Restaurant, TEL:(0462) 675771/684952,

CLUB HRS: Lunch: Mon-Sun 12-2.30pm, Dinner Mon-Th & Sun 6-11.30pm.Disc on A la C arteonly.

REDBOURN: The Aubrey Park Hotel, TEL:0582 792105, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.30- 2pm (l/o 1.45pm) Mon-Fri Dinner 7-10pm (L/O 9.45pm) All week.

ROYSTON: British Raj Restaurant, TEL:0763 241471, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12- 3.00pm (Last orders 2pm) Mon-Wed.

SAWBRIDGEWORTH: Colonade, TEL:0279 600777, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.30-2pm Mon-Fri(to 3pm Sun),Dinner 7-9pm.(Last Orders)-Mon-Sat.

TRING: Pendley Manor, TEL:0442 891891, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.30-2.00pm daily. Dinner: 7.00-9.30pm Mon-Fri & Sun.

WATFORD: The Garden Room TEL:0923 237316, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.30-2pm, Dinner 6.45-10.30pm (Last Orders 9.45) - all week.


BROADSTAIRS: Harriet's Restaurant, TEL:0843 603017, CLUB HRS:

Dinner: Tues-Fri 7.00-10.30pm.(Last Orders 10pm).

CANTERBURY: The Four Season's Restaurant, TEL:0227 720286, CLUB HRS: Dinner: 7.30-9.30pm Mon,Weds-Fri & Sun.Lunch 12-2 Sun Only.

CANTERBURY: The Old Coach House, TEL:0227 831218, CLUB HRS: Mon-Sat 7.30-9.00pm (Last Orders).

GRAVESEND: Luna Restaurant, TEL:0474 362655, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.00- 2.30pm Dinner 7.00-11.00pm (l/o 10pm) Mon-Fri.

MAIDSTONE: Boxley House Hotel, TEL:0622 692269, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm, Mon-Sun, Dinner 7-9.15pm (Last Orders) Mon-Sat.

MAIDSTONE: Riverside Restaurant, TEL:0622 812120, CLUB HRS: Dinner: 7.00pm-midnight Tues-Thurs (last orders 9.30pm).

MAIDSTONE: The Beech Restaurant, TEL:0622 813038, CLUB HRS:

Lunch:Tues-Fri 11am-4pm(Apr-Sept only)Dinner:Tues-Fri 7-10pm.Min party of 4.

MAIDSTONE: The Ringlestone Inn, TEL:0622 859900, CLUB HRS: Lunch: Mon- Sat 12-3.00pm. Dinner: Mon-Thurs & Sun 7-11.00pm.

RAMSGATE:Morton's Fork, TEL:0843 823000, CLUB HRS: Lunch: Tues-Sat 11.00am- 2.00pm.

SEVENOAKS: The Moorings Hotel, TEL:0732 452589, CLUB HRS:

Monday-Thursday 7-11pm.

SEVENOAKS: The Royal Oak Hotel, TEL:0732 451109, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.30- 2.30(Not Sat),Dinner 7-10pm.(L/O 9.45pm) all week, excl Dec.

SITTINGBOURNE: The Smuggler's Restaurant, TEL:0795 521404, CLUB HRS: Lunch:12.00-2.30pm daily.Dinner:7.00-10.30pm Mon-Fri Sun 7-10pm 3 crse only.

TUNBRIDGE WELLS: Classical Restaurant, TEL:0892 544833, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.30 Mon-Fri Dinner: 7.00-9.30pm Mon-Sat.

TUNBRIDGE WELLS: Portovinos Restaurant, TEL:0892 513161, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.30(last orders 2pm) Tues-Sat, Dinner 7-9.30(Last Orders)Tues-Fri.

WESTGATE ON SEA: Chives of Westgate, TEL:0843 835138, CLUB HRS: Dinner: Mon-Thurs 6.30-10.30pm.(Last Orders).


ACLE: Cellar Restaurant,

TEL:0493 751550, CLUB HRS: Dinner: 7.00-12.30pm (Last Orders 11pm) - Wed-Sun.

GORLESTON ON SEA: Squirrel's Nest, TEL:0493 662746, CLUB HRS: Dinner: Mon-Sat from 5.30pm (last orders 10pm).

HOLT: The John H Stracey, TEL:0263 860891, CLUB HRS: Lunch: Mon, Wed- Fri 12-2pm. Dinner: Sun & Mon, Wed-Fri 7-9.00pm.

KINGS LYNN: The Jolly Sailors, TEL:0485 210314, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12- 2.00pm. Mon-Sat Dinner: 7-9.00pm, all week.

NORWICH: Brummel's Seafood Restaurant, TEL:0603 625555, CLUB HRS: Lunch:12.00- 2.00pm Tues-Sun,Dinner: 6.00-10.00pm(Last Orders)- all week.

NORWICH: Green Farm Restaurant, TEL:0263 833602, CLUB HRS: Lunch 11.30 2.30(Bar) Mon-Sat,Dinner(Rest) 7-10pm (L/O) Mon-Frid and Sun.

SHIPDHAM: Sterling's Restaurant, TEL:0362 820165, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7- 9.30pm (Last Orders)- Mon-Fri

WYMONDHAM: Cross Keys Inn, TEL:0953 602152, CLUB HRS: Lunch: Mon-Sat 11.30am-2.15pm, Sun 12-3pm. Dinner:6.30-10.15pm. (Last Orders).


BECCLES: Quiggin's Restaurant, TEL:0502 675397, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm Tues-Sun, Dinner 7-10pm(Last Orders) Tues-Fri

BILDESTON: The Crown Hotel, TEL:0449 740510, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm,Dinner 7-9.30pm Mon, Wed & Thurs.

BURY ST EDMUNDS: The Six Bells Inn, TEL:0359 50820, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.30pm Mon-Fri (last orders 1.30pm).

FELIXSTOWE: Rattan Restaurant , TEL:0394 285621, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12- 2 Mon-Fri. Dinner:6.30-9 Mon-Thur, 7-9.45 Fri & Sat, 6.30-8.45 Sun.

HADLEIGH: The Bell, TEL:0473 823229, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 11.30-3pm Mon- Sat. Dinner: 6.30-11pm Mon-Fri & Sun(l/o 9.30pm).

HAUGHLEY: The Old Counting House, TEL:0449 673617, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12-2pm, Dinner:7.30-9.30pm (last orders) Mon-Fri.

IPSWICH: Limes Hotel (Butler's Restaurant), TEL:0449 720305, CLUB HRS: Lunch: Mon-Thurs 12.30-2.00pm. Dinner: Mon-Thurs 6.00-9.30pm.

MILDENHALL: The Smoke House, TEL:0638 713223, CLUB HRS: Dinner: 5.00- 12.00 (Last orders 10.00pm) - all week.

SUDBURY: Crown Hotel, TEL:0787 377666, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm, Tues- Frid, Dinner 7-9pm (Last Orders) - Tues-Thurs.

WOODBRIDGE: Woodhall Hotel & Country Club, TEL:0394 411283,

CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm, Dinner 7-9.30pm (Last Orders)- all week.


CRANLEIGH: La Scala, TEL:0483 274900, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-3pm

Tues-Sat(L/O 2pm) Dinner 6.30-midnight(L/O 10.45pm) Mon-Thur.

CROYDON: Briarly Hotel, TEL:081 654 1000, CLUB HRS: Dinner

6.30-10.30pm (Last orders 9.50)Mon-Sat, Disc on A la Carte only.

CROYDON: Pastore's Restaurant, TEL:081 688 7056, CLUB HRS: Lunch: Mon- Fri 12-3.00pm. Dinner: 6pm-12 midnight all week.

DORKING: La Belle Epoque, TEL: (0306) 883239, CLUB HRS: Lunch: Wed 12.15- 2.15pm, Dinner: Wed 7.00-10.00pm.

EPSOM: Epsom Down's Hotel, TEL:0372 740643, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7.30-9pm (Last Orders)- Mon-Sat.

ESHER: The Haven Hotel, TEL:081 398 0023, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-9pm (Last Orders)- Mon-Fri

FARNHAM: Manor Restaurant, TEL:0252 783333, CLUB HRS: 7.30-9.30pm. (Last Orders) Wed-Fri

GATWICK: The Charlwood Restaurant TEL:0293 862171, CLUB HRS:

Dinner 7-10pm (Last Orders)- all week excl. Sat.

GUILDFORD: Garden Restaurant, TEL:0483 894037, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-3pm, Dinner 7-9.30pm (Last Orders) Fri-Sun.

GUILDFORD: King's Shade Coffee House, TEL:(0483) 576718, CLUB HRS: Mon- Sat 8.30am-6.00pm.(Last orders 5.30pm).

PURLEY: India Palace, TEL:(081) 660 6278, CLUB HRS: Lunch: Mon-Sun 12.00- 2.30pm, Dinner: Mon-Thurs & Sun 6.00-11.30pm.

REDHILL: Cloister's Restaurant, TEL:0737 822066, CLUB HRS: Lunch: Sun- Fri only, 12.00-2.00pm. Dinner: 7.00-10.00pm, all week.

REIGATE: Bridge House Restaurant, TEL:0737 246801, CLUB HRS:

Dinner 7.30-1am (L/O 10.30) Mon-Thurs,Not with other promotions.

REIGATE: La Barbe, TEL:(0737) 241966, CLUB HRS: Lunch: Mon-Fri 12.00- 2.00pm. Dinner: Mon-Thurs 7.00-10.00pm.

REIGATE: The Garden Room Restaurant, TEL:0737 223417, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-9pm Mon-Thurs.

RICHMOND: The River Terrace Brasserie, TEL:081 332 2524, CLUB

HRS: 11am - 11pm (Last Orders 10.45pm) Mon - Thurs.

WALTON ON THAMES: Six TEL:0932 221685, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm Mon-Sat,Dinner 7-11pm(Last Orders 10.15) Mon-Thurs(Closed Sun).

WEYBRIDGE: Restaurant L'Ecluse, TEL:0932 858709, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.00- 2.00pm Thurs & Fri. Dinner: 7.00-10.30pm Mon-Sat.


BRIGHTON: Donatello, TEL:0273 775477, CLUB HRS: Mon-Wed

11.00am-11.00pm (Last Orders) A la Carte Only.

BRIGHTON: Le Grand Gousier, TEL:0273 772005, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.30-1.30 Mon-Frid and Sun, Dinner 7.30-9.30 (Last Orders) Mon-Thurs.

BRIGHTON: Pinocchio, TEL:0273 677676, CLUB HRS: Mon-Wed Lunch 12-2.30pm Dinner (A la Carte Only) 5-11.30pm.

BRIGHTON: Regency Restaurant, TEL:0273 329202, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.30- 2.00pm. Dinner: 7.00-9.30pm.(Last Orders 9.15pm). All week.

BRIGHTON: Royal Escape Restaurant, TEL:0273 329001, CLUB HRS:

7.30am-9.30pm (Last Orders)- Mon-Fri

CROWBOROUGH: Boar's Head Inn, TEL:0892 652412, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-9.30pm. Mon-Tues.

CROWBOROUGH: Winston's Restaurant, TEL:0892 652772,

CLUB HRS: Lunch: Sun 12.30 - 2.00pm.

Dinner: Mon-Sun 7.30-9.30pm.(Last Orders).

EASTBOURNE: Devonshire Restaurant, TEL:0323 411016, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-8.30pm, All week.

EASTBOURNE: Downland Restaurant, TEL:0323 732689, CLUB HRS:

Dinner 6.30-8.30pm (Last Orders)- all week.

EASTBOURNE: King Edward's Restaurant, TEL:0323 722676, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.30-2pm,Sunday only,Dinner 6.30-8.45(Summer) 7-8.45(Winter)all week.

HOVE: AL Riaz Tandoori Restaurant, TEL:0273 722332, CLUB HRS:

Lunch: 12.00-2.30pm.Mon-Thurs, Dinner: 5.30-11.30pm.Tues-Wed.

HOVE: L'Epicure, TEL:0273 779954, CLUB HRS: Daily Dinner

7.00-11.00pm.(Last Orders 10pm) (Reservations essential please).

HOVE: Sackville Restaurant, TEL:0273 736292, CLUB HRS: Lunch: Mon-Fri & Sun 12.30-2.00pm. Dinner 7.30-9.30pm(Last Orders)-all week.

HOVE: St Catherine's Lodge Hotel TEL:0273 778181, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7- 9pm(Last Orders) Mon-Thurs and Sunday.

HOVE: The Rolling Clock Restaurant, TEL:0273 731177, CLUB HRS:

Lunch: 12.30-2.00pm Mon-Fri. Dinner: 7.00-9.30pm Mon-Thurs.

LEWES: Halland Forge Hotel, TEL:0825 840456, CLUB HRS:

Lunch 12-2.00pm,Dinner 7-9.30pm. (Last Orders)- all week.

PEVENSEY BAY: Holly Restaurant, TEL:0323 761914, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12.00- 2.30pm Mon-Thurs & Sun. Dinner: 5.30-midnight Mon-Thurs & Sun.


BOGNOR REGIS: Royal Hotel, TEL:0243 864665, CLUB HRS: Mon-Fri only, 7.00am- 11.00pm.

CHICHESTER: Micawber's Eating House, TEL:0243 786989, CLUB HRS: Mon- Fri all day from 11.00am-10.30pm (last orders).

COPTHORNE: The Old House Restaurant, TEL:0342 712222, CLUB HRS: Lunch: Sun & Mon 12.15-1.45pm (l/o)Dinner: Mon & Tues 7.00-9.00pm.

CRAWLEY: Archie's Restaurant, TEL:0293 561186, CLUB HRS: Lunch: 12-2.00pm.Mon- Fri & Sun Dinner 6-10pm.(Last Orders) - all week.

CRAWLEY: Garden Restaurant, TEL:0293 535447, CLUB HRS: Lunch12.30-2.30 Mon-Frid, Dinner 7-9.30 (Last Orders) Mon-Frid and Sunday.

EAST GRINSTEAD: Roebuck Hotel, TEL:0342 823811, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm Mon-Frid, Dinner 7-9.15 (Last Orders)- all week.

HAYWARDS HEATH: The Priory Inn, TEL:0444 459533, CLUB HRS: Lunch: Mon- Fri 12.00-1.30pm. Dinner: Mon-Fri 6.30-9.30pm.

LINDFIELD: Bent Arms Hotel, TEL:0444 483146, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.00-2.15pm (l/o) Dinner 6-9.45pm (l/o) Mon-Thurs.

LOWER BEEDING: Jeremy's Restaurant, TEL:0403 891257, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.30-2pm Mon-Fri,Dinner 7.30-9.45 (Last Orders) Tues-Thurs.

PULBOROUGH: Chequer's Hotel & Restaurant, TEL:0798 872486,

CLUB HRS: Coffee Shop all day to 5pm. Restaurant 7.30-8.45pm (Last Orders)- all week.



COLWYN BAY: Edelweiss Hotel Restaurant, TEL:0492 532314, CLUB HRS: Dinner 6.30-8.30 (Last Orders 8.00pm)- all week.

COLWYN BAY: Platform 3, TEL:0492 533161, CLUB HRS: 10.00am - 10.30pm (Last orders) - all week.

LLANGOLLEN: Golden Pheasant Hotel, TEL:0691 718281, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm, Dinner 7-9pm (Last Orders)- all week.

LLANGOLLEN: The Berwyn Restaurant, TEL:0978 860202, CLUB HRS: Dinner 6.30-9.00pm, all week.

LLANGOLLEN: The Chain Bridge Hotel, TEL:01978 860215, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.30-2pm Sun Only, Dinner 7.30-9pm (Last Orders) Mon-Thur & Sun.

LLANGOLLEN: Tudor Restaurant TEL:0691 718707, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-8.45pm (Last Orders)- all week.

LLANGOLLEN: Ty'n-y-Wern Hotel, TEL:0978 860252, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm Mon-Sat, Dinner 6.30-9.0pm(Last Orders 8.45) Mon-Fri and Sun.

ROSSETT: Rossett Hall Hotel & Restaurant, TEL:0244 571000, CLUB HRS: Dinner 6.30-10pm (Last Orders) Mon-Fri. Royale menu only.

RUTHIN: Castle Hotel,

TEL:0824 702479, CLUB HRS:

Dinner 7.30-9.30pm, Mon-Sat.

ST ASAPH: Plas Elwy Hotel & Restaurant, TEL:0745 582263, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm Wed-Frid, Dinner 6.30-10 (Last Orders)- Mon-Frid.

WREXHAM: Llwyn Onn Hall Hotel, TEL:(0978) 261225, CLUB HRS:

Lunch:12-2.00pm,Dinner: 7-10.00pm. (Last Orders 9.30)Mon-Sat. A la Carte only.

WREXHAM: Plassey Restaurant, TEL:0978 780905, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-3pm Tues-Sat, Dinner 7-12pm(Last Orders 10pm) Tues and Thurs.


CARDIGAN: Skippers,

TEL:0239 810113, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-3pm, Dinner 7-12midnight (Last Orders 9pm) - All week.

FISHGUARD: Cartref Hotel, TEL:0348 872430, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.30-2.30, Dinner 7-11pm (Last Orders 10pm)- all week.

FISHGUARD: Tates Brasserie, TEL:0348 874190, CLUB HRS: Lunch Mon & Wed- Sun,Dinner Mon-Thurs & Sun,Open 11am-9pm, Tues 7-9pm only.

HAVERFORDWEST: Roch Gate Hotel, TEL:0437 710435, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12- 2.30pm, Dinner 6-10pm (Last Orders 9.45)- Mon-Thurs.

HAVERFORDWEST: The Broad Haven Hotel, TEL:0437 781366, CLUB HRS: Dinner 6-10pm(Last Orders)- all week.

HAVERFORDWEST: Turrett's Restaurant, TEL:0437 769322, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.30, Dinner 6.30-9.30 (Last Orders) - all week.

LLANDEILO: Cawdor Arms Hotel & Restaurant, TEL:0558 823500,

CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.30 Mon-Fri, Dinner 7.30-9.30pm (Last Orders) Mon- Wed.

LLANELLI: Trubshaws, TEL:0554 756156, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.30pm, Dinner 7-9.45pm - all week.

LLANON: Plas Morfa Hotel & Restaurant, TEL:0974 202415, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7.30-9pm (Last Orders) Bar Meals until 11pm. Mon-Fri and Sunday.

MILFORD HAVEN: Tall Ships, TEL:0646 695983, CLUB HRS: Dinner 6.30-11pm (Last Orders 9.45) - all week.

MILFORD HAVEN: The Taberna Inn, TEL:0646 693498, CLUB HRS: Lunch12.30- 3pm, Dinner 7-10.30pm, Mon-Thurs.

MILFORD HAVEN: The Trafalgar Suite, TEL:0646 695341, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-9.30pm - all week.

NANTGAREDIG: Cothi Bridge Hotel Restaurant, TEL:0267 290251,

CLUB HRS: Dinner 6.30-9.30pm (Last Orders) Mon-Sat.

NEW QUAY: Park Hall, TEL:0545 560306, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7.50 for 8pm, all week.

NEW QUAY: Ty Hen Farm Hotel, TEL:0545 560346, CLUB HRS: Dinner 6.30- 10pm (Last Orders 8.00pm)- Mon-Fri (Closed Nov-Mar).

PEMBROKE: Lamphey Hall Hotel, TEL:0646 672394, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-9pm (Last Orders)- Mon-Wed and Fri.

TENBY: Atlantic Hotel, TEL:0834 842881, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-8.30 (Last Orders) Sun-Thurs.


CAERPHILLY: Griffin Hotel, TEL:0222 869735/883396, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7- 11.30pm (Last Orders 10pm) Mon-Fri. Sats to 1.00am.

PORTHCAWL: Atlantic Hotel, TEL:0656 785011, CLUB HRS: 12noon-10pm (Last Orders 9.30pm) Mon-Fri.


CARDIFF: Benedicto's, TEL:0222 371130, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.30pm All week, Dinner 6.30-11.30pm (Last Orders) Mon-Sat.

CARDIFF: Campanile Restaurant Bistro, TEL:0222 549044, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm, Dinner 7-10pm, all week. Discount on Bistro menu only.

PORT TALBOT: Aberavon Beach Hotel, TEL:0639 884949, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-10pm (Last Orders)- Mon-Thurs and Sun.


SWANSEA: Fairyhill, TEL:0792 390139, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.30-2.30pm (Last Orders), Mon-Frid.

SWANSEA: Oak Room Restaurant, TEL:0792 361545, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-9.30pm, Mon-Sat, Sunday 7-9pm

SWANSEA: The Schooner TEL:0792 649321, CLUB HRS: Lunch 11.30-2.30pm Mon-Sat, Dinner 7-9pm (Last Orders)- all week.

SWANSEA: The Seaview Balti & TAndoori Restaurant, TEL:(0792)

361991, CLUB HRS: Dinner Mon-Fri 10-12pm,Sat 6-12pm, Sun 10-12pm(L/O)Excl.special menus/offer.


CHEPSTOW: Abbey Room, TEL:0291 689205, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-9.30pm all week.

CHEPSTOW: Beaufort Hotel, TEL:0291 622497, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-11pm (Last Orders 9.15pm) Mon-Fri and Sunday.

CHEPSTOW: The First Hurdle, TEL:0291 622189, CLUB HRS: 12-5pm (Winter),Rest of year 12-9.30pm.(Last Orders) All week. Not Sun Lunch.

CWMBRAN: Courtyard Restaurant, TEL:0633 871199, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.30- 2.30 (Not Sat),Dinner 7-10, 9.30 Sun (Last Orders 10 & 9.30).

LLANTRISANT: The Royal Oak, TEL:0291 673317, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7.30-9.45pm (Last Orders) Mon-Thurs.

MONMOUTH: The Crown at Whitebrook, TEL:0600 860254, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm , Tues-Saturday (Last orders 1.45).

MONMOUTH: The Lion Inn, TEL:0600 860322, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm, Dinner 7-11.30 (Last Orders 9.30)- Tues-Fri.

TINTERN: The Fountain Inn, TEL:0291 689303, CLUB HRS: Dinner 6-11pm (Last Orders) Tues-Thurs.

USK: The Bush House of Usk, TEL:0291 672929, CLUB HRS:

Lunch:11am-3pm Mon-Thurs. Dinner: 7.00-11pm(Last Orders 9.30pm) Weds only.


ABERSOCH: Tudor Court Hotel & Restaurant, TEL:0758 713354,

CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.30-2, Dinner 6.30-9.30(Last Orders)- all week.

BARMOUTH: Panorama Hotel, TEL:0341 280550, CLUB HRS: Dinner: 7-9pm.(Last orders)Mon-Sat.

BETTS-Y-COED: Gwydyr Hotel Restaurant, TEL:0690 710777, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm, Dinner 7-9pm (Last Orders)- all week.

BETWS-Y-COED: Plas Hall Hotel & Restaurant, TEL:0690 6206, CLUB HRS: Lunch on request, Dinner 6.30-10.30pm (Last Orders 8.30pm) - all week.

BETWS-Y-COED: Tyn-y-Coed Hotel, TEL:0690 4331, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-9pm (Last Orders)- Mon-Fri & Sun.

CAERNARFON: Prince of Wales Hotel, TEL:0286 673367, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm Sunday only,Dinner 6-8.30pm (Last Orders 8) Mon-Thurs and Sat.

CONWAY: Deganwy Castle Hotel, TEL:0492 583555, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm, Dinner 6.30-9pm,- all week.

CONWY: The Lodge, TEL:0492 660766, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm Tues only, Dinner: Mon-Frid & Sun 7.00-9.00pm.

CONWY: Truffles Restaurant, TEL:0492 572290, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-9.30pm Tues-Sunday.

CRICCIETH: Lion Hotel, TEL:0766 522460, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-8.30pm (last orders 8.15pm) all week.

CRICCIETH: Moelwyn Restaurant, TEL:0766 522500, CLUB HRS: Dinner 6.30- 9.00pm(Last Orders 8.30)- Mon-Wed (Not July & Aug).

DOLGELLAU: Penmaenuchaf Hall Hotel TEL:0341 422129, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-9.30pm (Last Orders) Mon-Wed and Sunday.

DOLGELLAU: Tyn-y-Groes Hotel, TEL:0341 40275, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.30 Sun only,Dinner 7-9pm (Last Orders 8.45)-all week.

DOLWYDDELAN: Elen's Castle, TEL:0690 6207, CLUB HRS: Lunch

12-2pm,Dinner 6-8.30pm (Last Orders) Mon-Thurs.Not Bank Hols

ISLE OF ANGLESEY: Bay Court Hotel, TEL:0248 852573, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-9pm (Last Orders 8.30pm)- all week.

ISLE OF ANGLESEY: Bull Bach, TEL:0407 740351, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2,Sun only,Dinner 7-9pm (Last Orders) all week.

ISLE OF ANGLESEY: Lastra Farm Hotel, TEL:0407 830906, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm Mon-Thur & Sun, Dinner 7-9.30pm (Last Orders)-Mon-Thurs.

LLANBEDR: Llew Glas Brasserie, TEL:0341 23555, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-10pm (Last Orders 9.30)- not Saturday. Some seasonal fluctuations.

LLANDUDNO: Ormescliffe Hotel, TEL:0492 877191, CLUB HRS: Dinner 6.30- 8pm (Last Orders) - all week.

PORTHMADOG: Blue Anchor, TEL:0766 514959, CLUB HRS: Lunch 11.30-2.30pm,Dinner 6-10pm (Last Orders 9.30) all week except Monday.

PORTHMADOG: Flambards, TEL:076685 208, CLUB HRS: Dinner: 7.00-10.00pm Thurs-Sat only.

TREFRIW: Hafod House Hotel, TEL:0492 640029, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-9.30pm (Last Orders) Tues-Thurs and Sunday.


BRECON: Brown Sugar Restaurant, TEL:0874 625501, CLUB HRS: 9.30am-6.00pm (Last Orders) Mon-Fri. 11-5.30 (Last Orders 5pm) Sun.

LLANIDLOES: Unicorn Hotel, TEL:0686 413167, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-9pm (Last Orders)- Mon-Wed.

LLANWRTYD WELLS: Drover's Rest Restaurant, TEL:0591 610264,

CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2pm Mon-Sat.Dinner 7.30-11pm (Last Orders 10pm) Tues,Thurs & Sun.

NEW RADNOR: Eagle's Nest, TEL:054421 208, CLUB HRS: Lunch: from 10.00am Mon-Fri. Dinner: to 9.30pm Mon-Fri.

NEWTOWN: Yesterdays TEL:0686 622644, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12-2.30

Mon-Sat, Dinner 6.30-9.30(L/O) - Mon-Fri & Sun Disc. on 3 course meal only.

WELSHPOOL: Acorn, TEL:0938 552217, CLUB HRS: Lunch 12.30-2.15 - all week,Dinner 7-9pm(Last Orders) - not Sat.

WELSHPOOL: Edderton Hall, TEL:0938 580339, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7.30-11pm(Last Orders 9.30pm) Tues-Thurs.

WELSHPOOL: The Lion Hotel Restaurant, TEL:0686 640452, CLUB HRS: Dinner 7-9pm (Last Orders) Mon-Thurs and Sunday.

You might like to take your party to The Crown Hotel, Bildeston, Suffolk, a 15th-Century coaching inn in the heart of the

Suffolk countryside.

You will be made most welcome at The Crown which provides traditional English cuisine with

diable mixed meats in a spicy sauce as a speciality.

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