Forget Ibiza and Goa as clubbing meccas. It's time to throw out your trainers and pick up your handbag, as it's all happening in Enfield, Middlesex, where the "most expensive club" in the country has just opened its doors. More than pounds 8 million has been lavished on Eros, the latest in a string of openings by club giants First Leisure. Bill MacGregor, First Leisure's manager, has high hopes for their latest project. "Eros is a brand new approach in disco design," he says. "Many of today's clubs have so little to offer, lots of them are just plain warehouses. We offer absolute comfort and luxury. It is the night-club for the next millennium." Eros boasts a capacity of 2,000, a hydraulic stage and themed bars. The Gothic Bar is strewn with cobwebs, columns and wrought iron, while the Fairground Bar comes complete with flashing lights, arcade machines and a casino area. As for the music, there's something for everyone, from 1970s nights to dance and Indie nights. And if you're planning to go but don't know what to wear, Eros has fashion police giving round-the-clock advice (0181-363 7565) to anxious clubbers faced with an insubstantial wardrobe. 3 Dearsley Rd, off Great Cambridge Rd, Enfield, Middlesex (0181- 363 3111)

Fiona Sturges