Essentials with Janet Knight: Harley-Davidson

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The Time: now, until 26 April

The Place: the Barbican Art gallery, London

The Essentials: Harley motorcycles and clothing

The Barbican is playing home to 30 of the world's best customised Harley- Davidson motorcycles, dating from the Forties. If you can't afford one of the dream machines favoured by the likes of Elvis Presley and James Dean, you can always opt for the ready-made variety. And like any self- respecting Harley fan you'll need all the relevant gear to go with the bike, which is why we've been out shopping.

You can pick up a Heritage Springer 95th anniversary model for pounds 14,095, from your local Harley dealer. You'll need an even bigger wallet for the Ultra Classic Electric Glide, which starts from pounds 14,995. If you fancy something a little less pricey, however, how about the Dyna Super Glide, which retails for a more modest pounds 8,995? The Fat Boy 95th anniversary model, also on exhibition at the Barbican, will set you back pounds 13,295.

Then there are the boots - pounds 106; the animal skin - pounds 116; the Harley T- shirt - pounds 33; the jeans - pounds 50; and the leather jacket - pounds 500. And don't forget a CD of Easy Rider.

Call Harley-Davidson (01280 700101) for your nearest dealer.