Recommended by the British Association of Plastic Surgeons (071-405 2234):

Peter Davis, 97 Harley St W1 (071-486 4976). pounds 1,600 for chins, pounds 2,200 both inner thighs. Mon-Tues 2-5pm, alternate Fridays 10-1pm.

Dai Davies, 55 Harley St W1 (071-631 3927). Average pounds 2,500 per body area depending on size of patient. Tues and Fri 1.30-5.30pm.

Eric Gustavson, Suite 2, 14 Queen Anne St W1 (071-636 4972). pounds 3,000 per body area. Weds all day, Thurs 9-1pm.

Barry Jones, 14A Upper Wimpole St W1 (071-935 1938). Average pounds 2,000 for one body area. Tues-Thurs


Brian Mayou, Lister Hospital, Chelsea Bridge Rd SW1 (071-824 8080). pounds 1,250 per body area, plus pounds 600 approx for additional area done simultaneously.

Tues-Fri 2-5pm.

All fees include surgical and anaesthetic charges and an overnight stay.