Travel Light

The Roundhouse, Birmingham

This exhibition will lead visitors along a spaghetti-like trail towards Birmingham's urban trademarks of hard-edged monstrosities and industrial chic. In the ironic and flippant vein of contemporary art, the artists have incorporated a celebratory take on Birmingham's distinctive landscape.

It will evoke a different image of Birmingham, one steeped in history rather than the black belt of inner-city living - tough and defensive. Located in a 19th century stables and port that is built around a circular courtyard, it makes an ideal site for the themes of travel and history, time and emotions. Its physical space contains reminders of previous travel and the artists have been inspired by and have worked with the fixtures of the old stables where horse-drawn carriages would have pulled up, barges docked and cargo transferred. The curator, Mark Beasley, says, " stems from an immediate response to a building that acted and acts as a point of departure and meeting point, canalside stables. In addressing this through the glare of 20th century technology artists have used light in its most immediate and objective sense as well as its most ephemeral (stage, theatre lighting, installations). Intellectually and emotionally we all carry baggage - the exhibition poses the question, is it truly possible to travel light?"

13-14 December, The Roundhouse, Sheepcote Street, Ladywood, Birmingham, B16. Admission free. Information 0121-643 6040.