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Voltiris Atomisers

There is a romantic image which keeps many women warm over the lonely Christmas time, where men are running through corridors, flinging open windows and shouting your name in ecstatic obsession. And lady, it is all down to your perfume.

For anyone who isn't Kate Moss, there is another image. Pause on Christmas Eve, a trail of men leave the last drinks party and stop off at the department store. What do they see? They are led by the nose to purchase the easiest sell - perfume for the ladies, sir? Women don't expect miracles. So this year why not add a bit of variety with Voltiris perfume atomisers. It may be a challenge to make the choice from a range of colours and designs - but think how you will be able to utter those point-winning words, "It matches your eyes darling." Just remember to get the right colour.

Costs between pounds 9.99 and pounds 19.95. For a list of stockists call 0181 830 0345