12 present-buying days to go...

Everyone knows that a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. But this shouldn't mean that we don't give them an extra bit of love and attention at crimbo. Think about your little darling with the illusion that they are part of the family. The rest of the year this is treated with the scorn it deserves, pushing noses out of your dinner, making them sit up and beg and so on. But come Christmas day and not only will they be rolling around putting hairs on your new cashmere jumper, but they will snaffle the cocktail sausages before you can bark. Distract the hairy beasts with this concoction of turkey, gravy, vegetables and stuffing - put your nose to it, fake a sniff and declare yummy. Everyone knows that dogs aren't the most intelligent of creatures and are bound to fall for it as the real thing. Just don't try it out on Granny.

From Safeways, 79p.